5 fabulous tips to clean dirty shoes

cleaning dirty shoes
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No matter how careful you are with your shoes, they are likely to get dirty from time and time. While in some cases, you can simply dust them to clean them, in others; you may need a more extensive approach. For example if shoes get muddy, then they may need thorough cleaning whereas in the case when debris collects, you may need to clean them properly as well. To help you clean your footwear and especially your shoes effectively, we have brought you a list of the top 5 tips and suggestions. They are given as follows.

1. Remove all the dirt and debris

The first step to clean dirty shoes that you need to follow in case of canvas, leather and sports shoes is to remove all the debris and the dirt from the top surface.  For this you can make use of a shoe brush or an old toothbrush.  Apply the amount of pressure which is enough to loosen the bonds of dirt.

2. Clean dirt shoes by cleaning the soles next

The next step is to clean the soles of your dirty shoes.  For this you can make your own solution of baking soda and water and then massage this paste using a toothbrush onto the soles. Use a cloth to wipe down the surface to complete the process.

3. Remove grease and grime using a cloth

In case of leather, vinyl and sports shoes, you can use a cloth dipped in slightly warm water to wipe the entire surface.  This will help remove any grease or grime that may be present.  Do not saturate the surface with water as that can lead to damages. Wiping slightly can help make the shoes look shiny.

4. Material specific cleaning

In case of canvas shoes, you can machine wash the shoes and even apply stain removal for perfect cleaning. On the other hand, in case of leather shoes, you can apply leather polish to make the shoes appear shiny and well maintained. In case of suede shoes, you can use an eraser to erase any kind of marks or smudges. Suede shoes can also be treated with silicone spray to remove water damage and stains. Eraser can also be used on vinyl shoes to clean marks and stains.

polish leather shoes

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5. Cleaning dirty or smelly insoles

Insoles are also a part of your shoes and must be cleaned regularly. If not, they can become smelly and dirty. To clean dirty shoes insoles, you must first remove them and then use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and debris from them.  Now use a cloth dipped in detergent and water to wipe them clean. Let them dry completely before inserting them back.

cleaning shoe insoles

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These fabulous tips will help you clean any kind of shoes easily at home. Clean dirty shoes every once in a while to maintain their look and also to extend their life. If you do not wish to clean them at home, you can also go for shoe dry cleaning service.

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