Is your RO not producing enough water?

The water we drink everyday has minerals, salts, microbes and metals dissolved in it. These dissolved impurities effect the taste, odor and quality of water. The RO water purifiers remove the dissolved salts, minerals and microbes and make water suitable for consumption. But many times RO water purifiers face problems. One such common problem is low water or no water production from RO.

RO producing less water

Reasons behind low water production from RO water purifier are:

Clogged Pre and Post Filters

There are pre-filter (usually sediment filter) and post-filter (usually carbon filter) in RO. The Pre filter removes salts, metals, sand slit, dirt and other sediments dissolved in water. Post filter removes any remaining bad tastes and odors from water. With time the filters get clogged with impurities and are unable to filter water. This reduces the amount of water production from RO. When the filters get blocked they must be replaced. Pre and post RO filters should be changed every 6 months to ensure clean and healthy water for consumption.

Damaged Membrane

The semipermeable membrane removes the smallest particles and microbes from water. When the membrane gets clogged, water filtration process becomes slow and water quality degrades.  When the membrane gets clogged and damaged it must be replaced. RO membrane should be changed once in 2-3 years to ensure clean and healthy water for consumption.

Low water pressure

If the pressure of the incoming water to the RO system is low,the filtration process through the pre, post filters and membrane cannot work effectively. The slow water pressure reduces the water output from the RO system.

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Incorrect air pressure in the water holding tank

If the air pressure inside the water tank is low then the amount of water produced from the RO reduces. If the tank is heavy, this means water is produced but pressure is not enough to push water to the faucet. In such case the pressure pump must be repaired.

Deposition in the inlet water pipe

An inlet water pipe carries the source water to the RO system. With time sediments and minerals get deposited in the water pipes. The deposition obstructs the flow of water and reduces the water flow from the faucet. To increase the water flow from the RO system replace the blocked pipe with a new one.

Crimps in water tubes

If the water pipes are kinked, the amount of water coming out from the RO reduces. So straighten or repair the tubes to increase the water flow.

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Team Mr.Right

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    Hi Team, Ki broght kent around 4 months.. Its not producing enough water
    .. Please let me know the reason or call be back

    Vitthal Gorav

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    My new ROfilter membrain have some issues 1. Water TDS of outlet is same or higher then inlet water feed 2. Outlet Drain flow is much higher around 50-60 psi and clean water feed has only 2 drops/Sec

  7. 7

    Pl let me know how often my pre filter and post filter elemants are to be changed.
    My water input quality is with 850 TDS.

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