Orient Desertstorm – India’s First Modular Outdoor Cooler

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Are Summers taking a toll on your health? Well, you’re not the only one. The scorching summer heat compels every household to consider buying an air cooler, which is virtually the most effective way to keep you cool – both mind and body. But buying an air cooler as per your needs can be a bit complicated, given the baffling options of air cooler models available in the market. And with all/ most brands providing online shopping facility, you can virtually scroll through an endless range of air coolers to choose from. In that case, a detailed review of key features of different air coolers would definitely help make a better informed buying decision.

There are various types of air coolers you can choose depending upon the size of your room and air flow needs. While many manufacturers offer different models and features, there are few aspects that are essential in every air cooler such as powerful airflow, large water tank, ease of use, ease of assembly etc.

Granted! Outdoor air coolers are the best and most effective during summers because they are kept outside and hold a strong advantage over indoor air coolers. The Orient Desertstorm is the perfect amalgamation of those who want an outdoor air cooler without the hefty complexities of carrying, assembling, and installing huge outdoor air coolers, especially if they’re staying in high-rise buildings. Orient Desertstorm OD7002HR offers to help you keep a cool composure by eliminating the relentless summer heat. Let’s take a complete look at what Orient Desertstorm has to offer:


The Orient Desertstorm is a robust, yet sleekly designed outdoor air cooler with a high grade powder coaded body that is built to last for years. It’s available in soothing white color and easily blends with the surroundings.

Tank Capacity

The Orient Desertstorm comes in a 70 Lts and a 90 Lts tank capacities coupled with an intelligent and even water distribution system. By virtue of its large tank, it is ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings – living room, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, offices, libraries, and many more. Fill it once and you won’t have to worry about refilling it for several days.


The fan operates at multiple speeds so you can adjust the flow of air to suit your personal comfort. The cooler packs high performance fan blades with Orient’s innovative AeroFan technology with high angled blades that deliver the highest airflow of 55 feet at minimum operating noise. Orient Desertstorm also employ honeycomb pads with another piece of technology called DenseNest. This helps retain 45% more water resulting in 25% better cooling. It also means lesser water refills. The fan throws air up to 45 feet which is more than sufficient to cool down any large room in the house.

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Power Consumption

The Orient Desertstorm operates on a standard 220V-240V power supply. Its rated power consumption is 200 W which means the daily power consumption would come to approximately 2000 watt hours (2 Units) per day assuming the cooler runs for an average of 10 hours per day.

Modularity – Ease of use and Design

Orient Desertstorm flaunts a sleek and modular design, making it India’s first branded modular outdoor cooler in India that is extremely easy to assemble (and dismantle). Its patent pending design allows it to be assembled in less than three mins minutes (Watch video below). The cooler comes nicely packed in two small boxes and can be easily carried on any floor or transported in a small car.


The Orient Desertstorm packs everything a consumer needs to fight the sweltering summer heat head on. The AeroFan technology delivers amazing airflow (up to 45 ft) and comes with all the latest technologies such as remote control, eco-mode, motorized louvres, dust filters and anti-rust body. Orient Desertstorm is the best choice for all your cooling needs.

Product Specifications

Wattage            : 200 W
Speed Control  : High, Medium, Low
Air throw           : 45 ft.
Water tank        : 70 L
RPM                  : 300
Air delivery        : 5000 cu.m./hr
Fan size            : Aerofan/ 16 inch
Warranty           : 1+2 years (Motor and Anti-Rust)


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