Moving to the UK: Tips for after Covid-19

In the current climate, it feels as though moving several miles is a tall order.

However, over time at least, the world of travel will start to get back to normal. The signs thus far are promising, and as 2021 progresses we might see to a return to travel as we once knew it.

It means that a time will come where moving countries becomes a distinct possibility, and the UK is always towards the top of many lists. Of course, over the past 12 months the situation has turned on its head somewhat, and through today we will talk over some key tips if you are waiting to take the plunge and relocate to the UK.

Understand the new costs of living

While London has been known for its high cost of living for some time, the rest of the UK has tended to escape from such tags.

Before you get your hopes up, this isn’t necessarily in a good way. As well as Covid-19, we also have to remember that the small matter of Brexit has occurred over recent times.

In truth, nobody quite knows how this is going to play out. However, on the whole, at least when it comes to the cost of eating and so on, the consensus is that the average cost of living through the country will increase.

The property market is surprisingly hot

In the midst of a global pandemic, one might have been forgiven for thinking that the property market would come to a complete standstill. As it turns out, this hasn’t been the case in the slightest.

While some might suggest that various government initiatives are to thank, such as the stamp duty break, others make the point that a lot of people simply have different priorities now (and this will lead us perfectly onto the next point).

Ultimately, you might have to bide your time before finding your dream property, and even consider options for self storage in the meantime.

However, there is at least some good news in the form of renting. If we turn to London, this is an area which has been notoriously expensive, yet the recent signs are that rents are falling by as much as 25% in some areas of the city.

The ‘location, location, location’ mantra is changing

Let’s talk about another segment of the property market. For years, we have been used to the ‘location, location, location’ rule and while this will always exist to some extent, things have changed somewhat.

After all, one only has to analyze the sheer number of companies who are now comfortable with their staff working from home. This has the knock-on effect of affecting living arrangements; you no longer have to be based a commutable distance away, or even in the same city. You might have a London salary, but be based in Edinburgh. The employment landscape has turned on its head.

As such, before you make your move, bear this in mind. The work-life balance has shifted much more to the latter element, and this means you have much more scope to decide where in the UK you will be living.

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