5 sofa cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid

sofa cleaning mistakes to avoid
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Sofas form one of the most important parts of any sitting area, especially the living room and the bedroom. This is why it is important that you take proper care of them. For maintaining their look and to ensure that they last longer, you must clean them every once in a while and dust them almost everyday. Even though it is quite easy to clean a sofa, there are many sofa cleaning mistakes that one makes and must be avoided. The following is a list of the top 5 sofa cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Using hazardous chemicals is one of the sofa cleaning mistake to avoid

The most common sofa cleaning mistake to avoid is using hazardous chemicals or cleaners to clean them. Make sure you read the label of the cleaner and try to use one which doesn’t pose a risk to the sofa or even to your health.  If hazardous cleaners are used, they can lead to skin rashes, breathing problems and irritation in the eye etc. Infact they can also dull the color of the sofa in some cases.

avoid using cleaners with hazardous materials

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2. Using cleaners with fabric shrinkage

There are many commercial sofa cleaners which may contain materials that may shrink the fabric. It is best to be clear about their absence from your sofa cleaner because you definitely don’t want to damage the material. By using these cleaners, the sofa cover may appear wrinkled. To avoid this, use a dry shampoo instead.

3. Using extremely cheap sofa cleaning services

Every once in a while you may need professional dry cleaning for your sofa. But it is important to avoid choosing an extremely cheap sofa cleaning service as they may not be using the right products or techniques and could lead to damage to the fabric. Cheaper rates are often also related to poor service quality and no guarantee of your sofas.  These services also employ untrained individuals who may be unreliable.

4. Leaving marks of cleaning agents

While it is true that cleaning agents are required to clean the sofas, you must remain careful not to leave any cleaning agent marks as they could appear as stains once the cleaning is over.  These stains can be very difficult to remove and may damage the look of your sofa. Thus this too is one of the sofa cleaning mistakes to avoid.

5. Not cleaning the sofa regularly

Not cleaning the sofas in the house on a regular or periodic basis is yet another sofa cleaning mistake you must try to avoid. Irregular or insufficient cleaning can quickly make your sofas look old and dirty.  Dust, dirt and marks tend to accumulate in this case and may be difficult to remove if left for a long time.

Avoid these 5 sofa cleaning mistakes and keep your sitting areas appear new and well maintained. You can either do the cleaning yourself or hire trusted and experienced professionals for the job.

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