What to Do if Your Furnace Makes Squeaky Noises?

The temperature in Canada has been often at an extreme low during winter due to excessive snowfall. Without appropriate precaution and preparation, one might be at risk of surrendering to extreme winter. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your furnace provides adequate maintenance. Furnaces are crucial in winter to keep home warm and comfortable by heating the air circulation. And like other appliances at home, maintenance of the furnace not only enhances the efficiency but also raises the life expectancy of the appliance.

However, when the winter finally arrives, homeowners begin to contemplate if their heating system is ready to run for a few months constantly. It is essential to ensure that your furnace is working properly. That is the primary reason why you need a professional furnace repair company for an immediate fix. If you want to prevent your home from being without heat during severe winters and negative temperatures, ensure that your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning) unit has regular maintenance even during summer if you want it to serve you better during the winters.

Furnace repair is necessary because when homeowners run furnace without consistent maintenance, they run the risk of expensive bills of energy and increased chances of replacing the furnace. Thus, calling an HVAC expert to inspect and repair the furnace will not only help to keep your family warm and safe through the extreme winters but will also:

  • Affordable energy bills: Inspection and maintenance of furnace on regular duration make it easier for a furnace to run more efficiently. Result being decreased energy bills and more savings
  • Safe Environment: Making an expert inspect your furnace reduces the risk of any hazardous leaks which can go unnoticed as furnaces can catch fire if they are not maintained properly.
  • Prolongs the life expectancy: HVAC professionals ensure that the warranty of the furnace is assured through proper maintenance and necessary repairs which are unavoidable to keep the unit in good working order

There is nothing worse than waking up freezing in the middle of the night because your furnace is working poorly or not working at all. Breaking down of the furnace or furnace operating inadequately due to unnoticed issues or improper maintenance can become an arduous task, especially during the beginning of winters or during the winter when heavy snowfall is expected. Since furnaces are complicated appliances, there are copious reasons why it is working poorly or not turning on at all. Although minute issues can be solved through the help of online tutorials, however, there are many issues which may require calling a professional HVAC technician to repair the furnace in Mississauga

There are several common issues for which a professional HVAC expert is required for an immediate fix such as:

  • Congested Filters reduce the airflow to the furnace eventually diminishing the efficiency of the unit as well as its expectancy. 
  • Faulty Heater Thermostats can also be an issue if the wiring in the heater’s thermostat has come loose resulting in shorts which damage detectors or the electrical system within the furnace itself.
  • Broken Belts: The belts inside the furnace can sometimes tear over time, which makes it difficult to circulate the hot air through the ductwork
  • Defective Heat Exchangers: The thin metal of heat exchangers may get cracked, rusted, or covered with debris because of moisture which might become the cause of not blowing hot air 
  • Improper Fuse: Furnaces uses a substantial amount of power to operate efficiently, an improper fuse can cause to trip electricity which in result can damage the furnace
  • Clogged gas: Clogs from machines, leaks in the hose can reduce the total amount of gas that reaches the appliance which requires the attention of an HVAC professional

Apart from these common issues, there is one major issue that homeowners should never ignore and should call a professional HVAC technician immediately. When your furnace begins to make a high-pitched squealing noise or a squeaky noise it could mean several things, however, in general, it is a part of a furnace that needs to be replaced or fixed. Deteriorated parts that have worn out such as a blower belt or blower can create such squeaky noises and can lead to serious damage to the furnace which will call for major repairs. Although these issues are easy fixes, it’s always recommended that you call a professional HVAC company before it causes further damage to your furnace.

Most of the homeowners expect that their furnace will begin working each winter with a mere press of a button. To make that a reality it is essential to inspect the furnace if not getting it repaired every year. Unnecessary expenses can be avoided by regular maintenance to the furnace which will increase efficiency. Moreover, it will also prevent common furnace issues such a cold airflow or machine breakdown. Ignoring such issues can be hazardous and hence HVAC professionals can always help to resolve such issues ensuring that your winter goes warm and comfortable. 

Although many issues can be solved easily however to evade further damage to the appliance, homeowners must call professional HVAC technicians to inspect and repair the furnace. A professional HVAC expert has years of experience, adequate training, and certification to identify the issue as quickly as possible, required tools, and types of equipment for a quick and dependable furnace fix. Thus, if homeowners identify any kind of issues in the furnace, they must call an HVAC expert to solve the issue. 

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