Facing inverter noise problem? Here are the causes and solutions

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There are a number of useful devices and appliances that we all have at homes and offices. Whether it is television sets or Air conditioners, washing machines or microwaves, it is difficult to imagine living without any of these. However a device which is even more useful and essential is the inverter. Yes, inverters are like backup products which provide us with electric current even when there is a power cut. While we generally don’t face any problems with this device but at times, certain issues may crop up.

One of these issues is inverter noise problem. Have you experienced a strange sound coming from the inverter which you don’t normally experience? Or have you heard a high pitched alarming sound coming from this appliance? Well these are signs of your inverter facing some kind of an issue.  Do not neglect this problem as it could be an indication of a deep rooted problem which needs to be resolved. Thus for your reference we have brought you a list of the causes and solutions for inverter noise problem.

1. Insufficient battery cable size

REASON: One of the most common reasons for the inverter noise problem is insufficient battery cable size.  If you have a battery cable whose size is not proper or enough then this can lead to a voltage drop which thus results in a high pitched alarm sound. The inverter starts the alarm sound to alert you to change the battery cable size as soon as possible.

SOLUTION: Do not take this alarm lightly and call a professional to help you replace the cable quickly. Make sure the cable is long enough this time. If you wish to disable the beeping and buzzing sound, you can do so while using the inverter software and by disabling the UPS audible alarm tones option.

inverter noise problem

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2. A depleting battery capacity

REASON: If your inverter is making strange alarm type sounds or other kinds of noises which are hard to bear then another reason for this could be a depleting battery capacity.   The battery capacity may be decreasing and this could be a method of the inverter to inform you of the same.

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SOLUTION: In this case you need to charge your inverter battery for a few hours and then switch the inverter back on to see if the noise continues. If not, then the issue has been resolved. However if you are still experiencing the issue, you may need to contact a professional to help you solve the issue.

replace the battery

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The following are the different types of beeping sounds an inverter makes to indicate different problems or alarms:

  • Four beeps every 30 seconds-Inverter has gone to on-battery mode.
  • Single beep either once or twice-This is an incomplete ‘on battery’ alarm or indication.
  • Rapid beeping for one minute every 4 or 5 hours-The battery must be replaced as the inverter has failed the self test.
  • One beep repeating after every 5 seconds-Low voltage.

If you have tried the above given solutions to inverter noise problem but the alarm still keeps going off, then you will have to call a professional so that he can take a look at your battery cable setup and check for any undersized cables.  Also ask him to check for any loose connections which may be powering your inverter. There is no dearth of professionals or technicians who specialize in inverter related problems and issues. If you are unable to find one, then you can contact Mr Right for inverter not working or any other problem related to inverters.

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  2. 2

    My inverter is making humming sound. The electricians are not able to understand anything. Is there any problem with it. Should I change my battery?

  3. 3

    My inverter is making humming sound. The electricians are not able to tell anything. Is there any problem in it? Should i replace the battery?

  4. 4

    It is only discussed beeping sound or alarm sounds.But my inverter makes swooshing noise getting louder & then getting completely silent like a fan operated by regulator.Whether it is cooling fan if any that is inside? If so why it comes only sometimes that too only during charging when mains are on.

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      Facing same problem. The fan going on every 20 mins or so when charging the battery from the mains. Is that the invertor is overheating

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    Dear sir suddenly my investor was creating noise ist time this Is done because suddenly in sky there is a lighting coming In my room. N Invertor creating noice

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