Mosquito Net Buying Guide

Mosquitoes are small insects but they can be very dangerous for your health as they carry many disease-causing germs. Mosquitoes bites can cause diseases like malaria, zika, etc. and there are no vaccines available for most of these diseases. Therefore, it becomes important for you to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquitoes. You need to use mosquito repellent to protect yourself but most of them use chemicals and are not safe to use while sleeping, except one i.e., mosquito nets. However, you can’t just get any mosquito net for your home. There are many types of nets in the market that come in different shapes and sizes. Which mosquito net will suit your needs the best depends completely on its features. Let us look at those features in this Mosquito Net buying guide and get the best mosquito net for you. 

What makes a mosquito net best for you?

Mosquito nets come in different shapes and sizes with different purposes. Not every mosquito net is suitable for you. There are some factors that you should consider before buying a mosquito net to get the best one for yourself. This mosquito net buying guide explains those factors in detail. Let us look at them. 

1. Types:

There are numerous types of mosquito nets available in the market such as hanging nets, pop-up nets, head & body nets, medicated nets, indoor nets, etc. Pop-up nets are the latest and most effective style of mosquito nets that you can place over your bed and get all-around protection while sleeping. These nets can also be used outdoors while camping or just relaxing. Every type of mosquito net has its use and you have to consider the use before selecting one for yourself. 

2. Shape and size:

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Mosquito nets come in square shapes, rectangular shapes, and even circular shapes. Sizes of the mosquito net vary based on the number of people who can sleep inside it comfortably. It is always important to go for the mosquito net that is spacious enough for you and your family to sleep inside. The shape of the mosquito net should be comfortable enough for you so that you don’t feel claustrophobic and the net prevents mosquitoes from entering from any side. The right shape and size of the mosquito net are necessary as it affects its efficiency and effectiveness. 

3. Material:

The material here refers to the material with which the net is made. It can be polyester, cotton, polyethylene, or nylon. Mosquito net with polyester netting is the best and most widely used. It is lightweight and more durable than cotton or any other type of material. The polyester mosquito net is easier to clean and carry. 

4. Purpose:

Mosquito nets can be used for various purposes such as umbrellas or gazebos in the backyard and camping or traveling. It is also used on windows, doors, and balconies inside the house to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. You can also place mosquito nets over your bed to prevent mosquito bites while sleeping. 

5. Portability:

Mosquito net with its storage bag

Portability is an additional feature when it comes to mosquito nets. Portable mosquito nets are easy to pack and carry anywhere you go. It allows the mosquito nets to fulfill almost all the purposes and in every way to provide prevention from mosquitoes. Portable nets should always be lightweight, easy to use, and easy to pack.

6. Protection level:

One of the most important things to consider before choosing a mosquito net for you is the level of protection that it will provide. It includes proper coverage from all sides, enough space all-around for proper ventilation, the number and size of the holes, etc. The netting of the mosquito should be strong and long enough to be tucked beneath the mattress without leaving any open space. The holes should be small enough to prevent mosquitoes but big enough to allow proper ventilation. Also, make sure that the net is wide enough so that you are not touching the net while sleeping as it can expose you to mosquito bites. 

All these features combined provide a healthy and peaceful sleeping solution by preventing you from mosquito sounds and bites. Mosquito nets also don’t use chemicals, except the medicated nets, and thus prevent you from any exposure to them.


The important features or the factors about mosquito nets mentioned above in this mosquito net buying guide help you in getting the best one for yourself. Mosquito nets are a long-term investment as they can be used for a long time if properly taken care of. The nets should always be kept away from any sharp or pointed objects to prevent any tearing. Also, clean the mosquito net once in a while to keep the dirt away. 

Our Pick

As you are looking for a perfect mosquito net for yourself, we have a suggestion, which is Mr. Right Mosquito Net. This is a pocket-friendly mosquito net that comes in different sizes for you to choose from as per your requirements. It is a pop-up mosquito net made of a strong polyester net and steel frame. It is easy to use and easy to pack in its storage bag. You can fold Mr. Right mosquito net in just a few simple steps. We also mosquito bats as a mosquito repellent that protects you from mosquitoes without using any type of chemicals. You can check our mosquito repellent collection on the Mr. Right Store

Mosquitoes have always been and will always be a health risk. This makes it important to be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones from them wherever you are. So, get the best mosquito net for yourself and sleep peacefully.

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