Must-have features for a dehumidifier

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Is the air in your home musty or stuffy? Do you notice condensation formed on the pipes and windows of your home? If yes, it means there is a higher level of humidity in your home. Too much humidity is as harmful to health as the lack of it. Excess moisture inside the home can also result in damp walls, which leads to the formation of mold and fungus. These as result cause allergies and respiratory issues. To prevent these issues, you can use a dehumidifier in your home. Dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture from the indoor air. But, before buying a dehumidifier for yourself, it is necessary to know what features combined form the best dehumidifier. So, we have come up with a list of must-have features for a dehumidifier to help you. Let’s dive in to learn more about it.

Some must-have features for a dehumidifier

Must-have features for a dehumidifier include the features that help you the best in removing excessive humidity. These features not only add to the benefits but also increase the comfort of using the appliance. Following are the must-have features in detail.

1. Pint capacity:

Pint capacity, in connection to dehumidifier, means the amount of humidity/ moisture that can be removed by it from the air within 24 hours. The requirement of pint capacity varies as per the area in which the dehumidifier will be placed and the amount of moisture there. Once the moisture has been absorbed up to the full pint capacity, you will need to clean the tank for further usage. 

Here are some recommended dehumidifiers for you:

  1. Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier for Home
  2. hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
  3. Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home
  4. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier
  5. Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier
  6. Letsport Upgraded 68oz Dehumidifier for Home

2. Tank size/ capacity:

The tank of the dehumidifier is used to store the moisture absorbed from the air. This tank is removable. When the tank is full to its capacity with the water from moisture, it needs to be cleaned. Many dehumidifiers come with an auto shut-off feature, that automatically shuts off the appliance when the tank is full. You the moisture level is high or the area in which the dehumidifier is put is relatively large, it is better to get the one with a big or medium-sized tank. 

3. Humidistat:

Humidistat or hydrostat is an instrument that measures the level of humidity in the surrounding air. You can the humidity level you need in your room on the humidistat and it will work to reach the desired level. So, they allow you to maintain a specific amount of humidity required for healthy living. Many humidifiers come with in-built humidistats or you can buy them separately as well. 

4. Air filter:

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Many dehumidifiers come with air filters, as an option, in them. Along with reducing the humidity level from the indoor air, they also help in cleaning it. When the air passes through these dehumidifiers and their filters, they trap the excess moisture and the air pollutants and then blowback the clean air. 

5. Automatic restart and shut-off:

The auto-restart features can be very useful during power fluctuations and outages. If the dehumidifier is turned off due to power loss, this function allows the dehumidifier to automatically restart when the power is back. The dehumidifier restarts at its previous settings. The auto shut-off feature allows the dehumidifier to automatically shut off after a set time or when the tank is full. It prevents your manual effort every time you want your dehumidifier to rest. 

6. Programmable timer:

A dehumidifier with a programmable timer gives you an option to turn it on or off any time you want, even if you are not at home. You can program it to turn on before coming back from outside or you can program it to shut off once you leave your home. Turning off the dehumidifier when you are not at home or during the peak hours of electricity usage will help you in saving electricity costs. 

7. Control systems:

Dehumidifiers come with three types of control systems i.e., electronic, manual, and smart. The electronic control system has buttons to set or change the settings of the appliance. Whereas, the manual system uses a dial to control or change the settings of the dehumidifier. The smart control system includes a smart screen on the dehumidifiers, from where you can touch and change the settings. 

8. Noise level:

Though noise level is not a feature, it is a vital factor to keep in mind while buying a dehumidifier or any indoor appliance. Usually, dehumidifiers are a bit noisy but, the ones with a decibel rating of approximately 50 decibels are considered quiet. Get the one with the lowest noise level as peace inside your home is also necessary. 

9. Portability:

Portable Dehumidifiers can be moved to different locations inside the home as per the requirements. Dehumidifiers that are compact and/or come with wheels to move around are a good choice. You can move them to an area that has higher humidity when in use such as bathroom, kitchen, etc. Go for the dehumidifiers that are lightweight, small in size, and have a carrying handle or caster wheels on them. 

10. Drainage:

If you want to use the dehumidifier in your home continuously, you might have to regularly drain the water from the collection tank. Draining the water manually every time can be a hassle. To escape it, you can go for the dehumidifiers that come with a drain port. They allow you to connect the drain port to a gravity hose and get rid of the water from the tank. Alternatively, you can also choose the ones that have a condensate pump in them. They are the best options when it comes to drainage in a dehumidifier.

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