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    Refrigerator not working

    Refrigerator not working


    When your refrigerator doesn’t work, for any reason whatsoever, your household activities come to a dead stop. You start worrying about the food inside and hope they don’t get spoiled.

    Duration 1 - 2 days
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Depends on scope of work
    • Diagnosis
    • Cost of parts replaced

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    More about Refrigerator not working

    What are the reasons behind refrigerator not working?

    There are several reasons behind refrigerator not working properly:

    • Defective MCB: If your refrigerator does not start it is always recommended to check the MCB (miniature circuit breaker). Problem with MCB can be a leading cause of refrigerator breakdown. In such case call a refrigerator repair professional.
    • Defective power outlet: If the refrigerator does not start check the power outlet where it is plugged in. Plug in other device like a lamp or a tape recorder to check if they work. If the refrigerator power outlet is faulty then the refrigerator will not work.
    • Insufficient current: A leading reason behind refrigerator not working is insufficient current or voltage to the unit. Call a PRO to check the current and voltage of the outlet with a multi-meter and voltage tester device.
    • Faulty motor: A defective motor is a leading reason behind refrigerator not working problem. In many cases, the refrigerator unit will shut down immediately or won’t start at all if the motor is defective. In such case call a refrigerator repair professional.
    • Faulty compressor: A compressor is the heart of a refrigerator unit which is responsible for refrigeration cycle. If the refrigerator does not work, the compressor might be defective. The compressor is a motor which compresses the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. Problems with your compressor may cause the refrigerator unit to shut down. Keeping compressor clean and lubricated can help to prevent refrigerator start-up problem. In such situation call a PRO for refrigerator repair.
    • Dirty condenser coils: At the back of a refrigerator there are condenser coils that convert high pressure high temperature gas into high pressure liquid. During this conversion lot is heat is dissipated from the rear end. If the condenser coils are covered with dirt, heat may not dissipate properly and refrigerator may not work efficiently.
    • Coolant shortage: If the fridge doesn’t have enough coolant, it may not turn on or may not operate correctly. The coolant circulates through the evaporator coils and cools the air flowing over it and eventually sends cold air in the food section. So when the level of this refrigerant becomes insufficient, the refrigerator may not work properly. A PRO can accurately determine the level of refrigerant.
    • Faulty start capacitor: When the refrigerator is switched on the thermostat sends a signal to the start capacitor to trigger the compressor and start the refrigeration cycle of fridge. But when the capacitor goes bad, it fails to trigger refrigeration cycle and in some case the refrigerator does not even start. In such situation call a PRO for refrigerator repair.
    • Faulty thermostat: A bad thermostat is a leading cause of refrigerator not working problem. A defective thermostat cannot transmit start signal to start capacitor and the refrigerator does not turn on. In such situation call a PRO for refrigerator repair.

    The above are some common reasons behind refrigerator not working but there can be other reasons as well.

    What is included in the service?

    The PRO visits client’s site and troubleshoots the refrigerator. The PRO first looks for basic reasons like MCB, electrical wiring and current in the power outlet.  If the MCB and power outlets are found fine PRO checks the key components of refrigerator like compressor, condenser, coolant, thermistor, start capacitor, sensor and others. After the actual problem is identified, PRO describes the problem to the customer and suggests a possible repair or replacement. On customer consent, the PRO repairs the refrigerator.