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    AC not cooling

    AC not cooling


    What’s worse than a broken AC or an air conditioner that doesn’t start? An AC that is not cooling, or to say, not cooling enough. Book the best Pros in your area, now!

    Duration 1 hour
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fault dependent
    • Diagnosing the power supply
    • Diagnosing the compressor
    • Checking the PCB
    • Diagnosing the PCB
    • Checking for gas leakage

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    AC not cooling FAQs

    How many Pros are required for the job?
    Only 2.
    Is service warranty provided?
    Yes, a 30 days service warranty is provided for the repair part.
    What precautionary measures should customers take before and after availing AC not cooling problem service?
    No precautions required.

    More about AC not cooling

    What are the reasons behind “AC not cooling” problem?

    Most common reasons behind AC not cooling are:

    • Clogged air filter: If the AC does not cool, the air filter might be clogged. In such case, air cannot flow through properly which greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the AC. If you find that the air filter of your AC is dust coated, clean the air filter with soft brush under running water.
    • Dirty coils: If the AC stops cooling then condenser coils of the AC may be dirty and loaded with debris. In an air conditioner, the condenser is like a radiator that dissipates heat (which was removed from the air). The condenser coil must be clean to dissipate heat outside. As the coils get dirtier the AC becomes less efficient, which makes it work harder to cool the room. If the coils are dirty enough, the unit will never be cold enough and will not be able to cool the room.
    • Insufficient coolant: Lack of coolant is a very common reason behind AC not cooling problem. The coolant circulates through the evaporator coils and cools the air flowing over it and eventually sends cool air into the room. So when the level of this coolant becomes insufficient, the AC fails to cool. In many cases the coolant leaks from the unit and AC stops cooling.
    • Faulty compressor: A compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit which is responsible for cooling your room. If the AC does not cool, the compressor might be defective. The compressor is a motor which compresses the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the compressor goes bad the cooling cycle does not start and the AC fails to cool.
    • Faulty thermostat: A thermostat is a sensor that senses the room temperature and hints the compressor to start or stop the cooling cycle. If the thermostat is defective the AC does not cool or may cool continuously.
    • Defective parts: The other possible technical reasons behind AC not cooling can be a faulty run capacitor of the compressor, defective control board, bad thermistor, choked capillary, faulty motor, bad compressor valve etc.
    • High atmospheric temperature: An AC has an optimum operating temperature (surrounding temperature) at which it can work most effectively. If the temperature shoots up beyond the optimum temperature limit, the efficiency of the AC goes down. Sometime it is so hot outside that a stage is reached where the compressor stops working completely.
    • Undersized AC: A common mistake people make is that they buy an AC based on their budget and not based on the requirement of the room. A small AC in a huge room will always find hard to cool the room in peak summers. The size of the AC should be according to the size of the room.

    These are some common reasons behind AC not cooling problem but there can be other reasons as well.

    What is included in the service “AC not cooling”?

    The PRO visits clients site and troubleshoots the problem of AC not cooling. The PRO first looks for basic reasons like clogged air filter and dirty cooling coil. If the filter and coils are found clean then PRO checks the key components of the AC like compressor, condenser, coolant, thermistor, start capacitor, sensor and others. After the actual problem is identified, PRO describes the problem to the customer and suggests a possible repair or replacement. On customer consent, the PRO repairs the AC.