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    Top 15 Electricians in Noida

    Salman Irshad Ravi Electricals D-179, D Block, Sector 10, Noida

    4.67 / 196 Ratings
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    Prashant Chaudhary

    Divya Mishra

    Reached 15 mins before schduled time.

    Dayakar reddy

    well done.

    Rishabh --

    Good technician was good and suggested the right thing.

    Divya Mishra

    Technician was also a very nice guy and reached at time.

    Pawan Kumar The Any Service Near Moolchand School, Noida

    4.56 / 101 Ratings
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    Mahesh yadav

    Excellent service

    utkarsh srivastava

    Quick and efficient

    Raj Halder

    Good service

    Abeniel Huten

    Easy and hassle free.

    Raj Halder

    Couldn't redeem Rs. 100 coupon

    Lokesh . Maintenance House , Faridabad

    4.47 / 100 Ratings
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    Sunny Aditya

    Exceptional work. Professional, courteous and economical. Will strongly recommend.

    Pushpendra Shekhawat

    Great job and prompt service


    Good service but charges should be less

    Pallavi Kashyap

    Good behavior,nice work.. on time service -


    Anurag Tyagi Techsoft Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Post- Muradnagar, Faridabad

    4.42 / 52 Ratings
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    Abhijeet -

    Very nice guys... Great job!!!

    Bina Gupta

    Great work, just one suggestion, please inform the customer before hand what all is required. It wouldKe it a little easy for us, we'll keep the things ready for example a small bucket, soap, a mug apart from that it was excellent.

    Manish Varshney

    There were some disconnects earlier, however the work has been completed with satisfaction. Thanks Varun & Anurag

    Hannah Arora

    Very good service...very professional.

    CG Naidu

    Excellent. One has to be present to show all the spot which require cleaning. Otherwise good service

    Mohd Talib Fine AC Repair , Noida

    4.97 / 47 Ratings
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    Malik -

    Nice professional very very good

    Malik -

    Very good professional

    Malik -

    Nice professional good experience

    Rahul -

    Nice professional very good experience thank you so much Talib

    Moja -

    Very good job

    Kalam Ansari Ansari Refrigeration Parthala Khanjarpur, Sector 122, Noida

    4.44 / 46 Ratings
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    Navin Kaul

    Great work



    Prashant Chaudhary Main

    Prompt service, reasonably priced.

    Nilay Majumdar

    Could not check work done as power went off, so trusting mechanics words that it's done. Rating of the mechanic provided based on trust & faith. For genuine rating come back after 3-4 days. Your charges are high, higher than company charges. 1) 600 for servicing, company charges 500. 2) the problem was due to gas leakage. Gas refilling charge from company is 1500. You charged 1800. Though your mechanic was saying 2500, I cross checked and paid 1800 as per website rates. Charges should be competitive with company rates. Earlier you have not been able to fix my Fraser issue, check your database for that. Hoping this time AC service will be fine, as if not so, it's unlikely I will comeback to you for any service

    Arti Kumari

    Humble & professional guy.

    Bighneswer Tarai Yadav Electrical , Noida

    4.25 / 17 Ratings
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    Shivendra Swaroop

    Truelly professional like the way they have installed the RO

    Divya Mishra

    Technician visited there with helper so

    Kavya Garg


    Divya Mishra

    The PRO reached on time and finished the job real quick. Also he is soft spoken and decent.

    AMEETA --

    No suggestion.

    Balkrishna Rana Techsoft Infratech Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi

    4.7 / 13 Ratings
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    safal jain

    Very good helped a lot.

    Roopakshi Pathania

    Excellent PRO satisfied with his work.

    Shobhit prakash

    Good professional. Will appreciate if the professionals would not chew Tabacco or gutka while on visits. Also will be pleased in the technicians could carry parts to change Along with them. Over all good experience.

    Abhishek Saluja

    Ok work by the technician.

    Abhishek Saluja

    Ok work by the technician.

    Sunil Kasyap Kasyap electricals and Refrigeration , Noida

    4.25 / 15 Ratings
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    Divya Mishra

    Well behaved and punctual technician. He did a good job. Very satisfactory service.

    Siddharth Jain

    Excellent service person Mr sunil kashyap..but they are charging above as mentioned.. After complaint company agreed and I have paid listed amount

    Divya Mishra

    Nice job and nice follow up by the pro.

    Satish Gautam Chetna Enterprises Rajpur, Ghaziabad

    5 / 3 Ratings
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    Arjun Sisodia

    He had done an excellent work. Very satisfiable work.

    J S

    Expert and knew the job very well. Very polite and humble. Ac Gas refulling Work done to my satisfaction.

    Vishal lalwani

    Very nice boy

    Rajesh Kumar Tripathi Perfect Man Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi

    3 / 4 Ratings
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    Saurabh Jain

    Carpenter was late by around 3 hours. Work wise, he is good.

    Archana -- Maintenance House Sector - 65 , Noida

    5 / 3 Ratings
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    Rishabh verma

    Hi please call me on 9717778896 the case got cancelled by mistake

    Saleem Khan Afreen Refrigeration Mayur Vihar Phase 3, Noida

    5 / 2 Ratings
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    Kabir Kanodia

    Quickly identified the problem and also had a spare with him to replace the faulty part. Awesome service!!

    Sanjay Kumar C.B. Power Electricals

    5 / 2 Ratings
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    No suggestion.

    Rohit Kumar Rohit Electrician Chhapraula, New Delhi

    4.6 / 10 Ratings
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