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    Water tank installation

    Water tank installation


    Water tank installation is perhaps one of the most crucial tasks pertaining to the water supply of every household. After all, it serves as the repository to provide a daily supply of fresh water.

    Duration 1 day
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fixed
    • Placing the tank
    • Making necessary pipe connections
    • Building a platform for the tank

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    Pro Haravesh Kumar

    Water tank installation FAQs

    Is there any warranty provided?
    Yes, a 1-month service warranty is provided.
    Are there any precautions that is need to take?
    Get the tank cleaned once in 2 months to prevent bacteria and rust build-up in the tank.

    More about Water tank installation

    Water tank fitting and installation is a somewhat complicated affair and requires professional supervision of professionals. It is better to hire professional plumbing contractors to install water tanks that best meet the needs of your home. Water tank installation takes couple of hours and requires the assistance of at least 2 PROs. Installation time and prices depends upon the size of tank.