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    Sofa Cleaning

    Sofa Cleaning

    ₹249 ₹199

    Per Seat

    Sofas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and type of upholstery. But no matter how much you try to keep your sofa spotless and stain-proof, you can never win the battle against dust and mites that are brought in by your guests or family members. (Minimum Order Value: ₹1000)

    Duration 30 min - 1 hour
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fixed

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    Sofa Cleaning FAQs

    What precautionary measures should customers take after availing the service?
    The customer is advised to use the sofa after 1 hour of the cleaning process.

    More about Sofa Cleaning

    Therefore, regular sofa upholstery cleaning is a must in order to not only maintain a good image but also continued hygiene care. Sofa cleaning services help you get rid of tough stains such as stains from red wine, chocolate sauce, food dyes, ink, nail polish, art work from your 3 year old artist, tomato ketchup, and what not.

    Benefits of Sofa Cleaning

    The benefits of sofa cleaning are many and can sometimes be done without professional service. All you need is the right equipments. However, expensive upholstery should be left at the hands of professional sofa cleaning services. Here are the various reasons why professional sofa cleaning service is a good idea:

    Make an impression: Sofas are usually kept in the living room and is the centerpiece of the entire layout of the room. It’s critical that the sofa is clean in order to make a good impression on your guests.

    Avoid foul smell: Sofa cleaning not only makes a good impression on your guests but also prevents any kind of unpleasant smell to develop. No matter how beautiful your sofa is, it is never going to feel good if it’s exuding foul smell.

    Extend lifetime of upholstery: The lifetime of your sofa upholstery is extended manifolds through regular sofa cleaning. Vacuuming a sofa will prevent dust from building up and prevent it from losing its luster. Regular sofa cleaning will also help extend the life of the fabric saving you money on maintenance costs.

    Maintain healthy environment: An unclean sofa can become a place for various germs to grow, which can eventually contaminate the air around it. Regular sofa cleaning  will help remove dust and prevent all kinds of allergens which may cause irritation while breathing especially to those suffering from allergy.