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    Car Disinfection and Sanitization

    Car Disinfection and Sanitization


    WHO guideline: To prevent the spread of COVID 19, vehicle owners are advised to regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces frequently (e.g. car interiors, steering wheel, seat covers, dashboard and controls, handles, windows, and exteriors). Book our sanitization experts to get your car thoroughly disinfected and prevent any chance of contamination.

    Turnaround Time 24 Hours
    Pricing Fixed Pricing
    Duration 30mins - 1 hours
    • EPA Approved Disinfectants
    • Equipped with PPE Kits

    Car Disinfection and Sanitization FAQs

    What are disinfection services?
    Disinfection services includes spraying and wiping of touchpoint and surfaces with EPA approved disinfectants and other cleaning supplies including tissues, paper towels, cleaners.
    What are EPA Approved disinfectants?
    EPA has approved list of surface disinfectant products, that are useful to kill the virus because they: - Demonstrate efficacy (e.g. effectiveness) against a harder-to-kill virus; or - Demonstrate efficacy against another type of human coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2. All Mr. Right pros use only the EPA approved chemicals and disinfectants.
    What is a PPE Kit?
    PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) consists of garments placed to protect the health care workers or any other persons to get infected. As per WHO, the kits usually consist of standard precautions: Face protection, goggles and mask or faceshield, gloves, gown or coverall, head cover, rubber boots. All Mr Right pros are equipped with PPE Kits.