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Tubular Plate or Flat Plate Battery-Which One is the Best Inverter Battery in India?

A flat plate battery can be defined as a lead-acid battery that is recommended for areas with low duration but frequent power cuts, whereas a tubular plate battery can be defined as an inverter battery that is ideal for areas that experience long and fewer power cuts. Such types of power cuts are common in tier 2 or tier 3 cities including the city outskirts.

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When you are shopping for a tubular and flat plate battery online or offline, you need to know which one is the best inverter battery in India?

Listed below are some important parameters that will enable you to choose the best battery for your inverter.

Benefits of a flat-plate battery:

Benefits of a tubular-plate battery:

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Let’s dig in a little deeper and understand the features of a tubular and a flat-plate battery.

Features of a flat-plate battery:

Features of a tubular-plate battery:

Here are some fundamental differences between a flat-plate and tubular-plate inverter battery:

  1. The cyclic life of tubular-plate batteries is high. On the other hand, flat-plate alternatives have a short life.
  2. Tubular batteries are an ideal choice for sensitive as well as high-end applications, but flat-plate batteries cannot support heavy electrical appliances
  3. A tubular plate inverter battery is exceptionally reliable and is therefore recommended for highly efficient applications. In contrast, flat-plate inverter batteries are the best choice for budget-conscious people who live in small homes.

 Reputed brands like Luminous offer an extensive range of tubular and flat-plate batteries. You can shop for the best one according to your needs and budget.

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A tubular plate battery is robust and is a suitable choice for deep cycle applications. Tubular batteries have 20% more electrical capacity due to the increased positive plate surface area.

Stable performance and a better and long power backup facility make a tubular plate battery the best inverter battery in India.

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