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7 Innovative Appliances You Can Fit In Your Car

Some of us spend most of our lives in the car. Whether we travel regionally for our job or work as an outside salesperson, sometimes we feel like we live in our vehicles as opposed to our homes. This is actually the case for truck drivers who spend a good deal of their lives on the highway. 

No matter the reason you spend so much time in your car (you could be a touring musician), if you do, here are some appliances that will come in handy when you are out on the road. 

Car Bed

Night view of an illuminated open car boot on an estate car or station wagon with a mattress inside

If you’re a fan of car camping this device could really come in handy. You can blow it up when you are ready for bed and deflate the mattress, fold it up, and put it away for the next night. Or, you can use it as a cover for the back area, which is just as important as good car seat protection.

One feature you should keep an eye out for when purchasing a car bed is that it comes with certain important features. For example, a 12V air pump, the kind that can plug into the charger outlet, is essential. Keep in mind that you’ll need repair patches in case your mattress is accidentally punctured. Most brands should also come with a carrying case. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Life is messy and that can reflect in your car. It’s not difficult to lose that clean feeling when you are eating two, if not three, of your daily meals while sitting behind the steering wheel; parked of course. Those fast-food wrappers can pile up, which is why many road warriors keep a bag of some kind in the car to use for garbage. 

What about those crumbs from those meals? They are going somewhere and the where is on the floor of your car. It may not seem like a huge deal at first but, just like we need to keep our living quarters well-vacuumed, the same goes for your car if you spend a lot of time there. It’s all the more important if you have allergies. 

Tire Safety Monitor

Safety is one of the most important things to be on top of when it comes to your car if you spend that much time in it. There are tons of ways to keep yourself safe. Standard appliances include jumper cables and automatic tire pumps. But have you considered getting yourself a tire safety monitor to keep on hand? 

This device will monitor the pressure in your tires as well as the temperature, both of which are extremely important when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers. Thousands of deadly accidents occur every year due to low tire pressure. So having something that can alert you to any issues is always a great idea.  

Portable Battery Jump Starter

Two road assistant workers in towing service trying to start car engine with jump starter and energy station with air compressor. Roadside assistance concept.

Many people know why having jumper cables in the trunk is a good idea but for those that don’t, jumping cables enable you to restart your battery when it goes dead. But the catch is you need another working battery for the cables to work. That’s where this handy little device comes in. With a portable jump starter, you won’t ever get stranded. 

Sure, calling your roadside assistance service is the easiest way to take care of a dead battery but, what if it happens in a remote area and they can’t get there for an hour. With this appliance in your car, you’ll never have to wait for anyone to rescue you again. You’ll be able to jump your car easily and move on down the road. 

Car Kettle Boiler

Now let’s get to the real appliances. When I think of the word appliance I think of the kitchen, and what is a popular item to make in the kitchen? Hot beverages! This can be done with ease if you have a car kettle boiler. They typically fit into a cup holder and plug into the outlet where you typically keep a phone charger. 

With this device you will be able to save tons of money when it comes to tea can coffee. One cup of American coffee can cost somewhere near three dollars. But fill a few jugs of water before leaving home and some instant bags, in one five day work week you are already saving just under $15. 

Coffee Maker

So kettle boilers tend to be used for tea, which is fine. Tons of folks prefer tea over coffee but, for those that are in need of the kind of buzz that only a ground-up coffee bean can provide then you might need something that can do more than just boil water. Coffee makers for people on the go come in all types, you just have to find the right one for you. 

Whether you are an espresso fan or want a regular drip coffee, there is a way to make that one the road without spending all that hard-earned money on drive-thru morning wake up beverages. 

Portable Cooler/Warmer

Who would’ve ever thought you could keep a mini-fridge in your car? The innovation in travel technology grows stronger every year so it should come as no surprise that this is an option. Appliances that were once only for the home can now be brought along when you travel in the car. 

There are brands that let you change the settings from cold to warm so that you can keep hot food available for that time when you are ready for a meal break. 


There have been so many advances in-car technology it only stands to reason that the advances in the appliances available for the car would progress with the same type of speed and innovation. If you work on the road there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t indulge yourself with a few luxuries as long as you don’t break the bank. 

Good luck and safe travels!

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