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Tips and tricks to buy home appliances smartly

Often it is seen that people while buying a new house or apartment or even while renovating the old one ,they tend to buy new home appliances which can cost a fortune sometimes especially if you are looking for good quality. So you need to think and act smart while buying these otherwise you will surely make a fool out of yourself. You can even avail rebates upto 45% off on TV and Home Appliances along with free 1 year product insurance on each product sold using Samsung coupons. In this article we will provide you with a few tricks and tips that can surely help you save quite a lot without compromising on the quality and choice of goods.

The following list includes those tips and tricks:

1. List of What You Need

First of all, you gotta make a list of the appliances that you need to buy and by need to buy I mean stuff required for use on a daily basis, not for luxury show off at all. If you do this you will surely not end up wasting money on products that you don’t even need. You should check with your old appliances which are not functioning properly and look on different websites about their latest versions or even a slightly older ones along with their beneficiary features.

2. Make a Budget

You really need to maintain a budget cause we all know these brand new appliances can be quite expensive and you don’t wanna get into debt just for these. Also for each and every product there are a lot brands and varieties available so you also wanna check for those cause the price point varies a lot in these cases. In case you need quite a lot of appliances, you need to have quite an open budget and you also need to plan for it quite beforehand.

3. Seasonal Sales

Buying new appliances during those Seasonal Sales is probably one of the best ideas. Sales like Big Billion Days(Flipkart), Black Friday or Great Indian Festival(Amazon) or Diwali Sale by LG  probably provide a better chance of grabbing those brand new appliances at much more affordable prices and a lot of variety in terms of designs, features and brands are available.

4. Comparing products

Often it is found that a same product from the same brand is listed at different prices on different websites. Also if you compare various products based on your specifications you may end up getting the appliances at a much lesser cost. You can always go for trusted brands like LG, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung etc.

5. Extended Warranties

It is always good to look for products with extended warranties and especially those big and pricey appliances. So that within the warranty period if any kind of distinction occurs in the product it will be repaired by the company totally free of cost or even replaced with a new one.

6. Exchange the old ones

Exchanging your old appliances for getting some extra off while buying the new ones is a great idea. All the big brands like Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Godrej, Reliance offer amazing exchange offers for your used products. Here also you can compare and exchange where you get the best value for your used appliance in the exchange offer.

7. Discounts or Coupons

Often some specific discounts are offered by the websites and wholesale suppliers for some specific products so you also have to keep an eye on them. And these discounts sometimes come with some coupons as well to make your buy much more worthwhile and cherishing. For example you can check out the free trial coupons from Decathlon.

8. Negotiation

In case you are purchasing appliances online ,there is a very slight chance of negotiation but if you are buying it from big wholesale retailers or showrooms ,in that case you can negotiate quite a bit. Even if you can’t bring the price much down then you need to look for throwing in some extras like free warranties or some small gift products.

9. Online reviews

Many times it has been found the products are displayed in quite a fancier way to attract the crowd but in reality they don’t perform that good and also don’t have the promised quality. So it is always better to read those reviews posted by the customers about their experience with those using those appliances.

10. Energy Use

Nowadays people are becoming more aware about the energy consumption of the products and how much eco friendly they are. So while purchasing you should go for products which are more energy saving even if they are a little more pricey. It’s because throughout their lifetime they will consume less energy saving you from those big fat electricity bills.

After discussing the whole process we can clearly say that buying new home appliances in a proper budget is quite a hectic job and before buying, you also gotta check various things like brands, qualities, prices etc. So after going through this article we hope that you can get a more clear idea about how to buy those new home appliances smartly.

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