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    Termite control

    Termite control

    ₹5 ₹4

    per sq ft

    Termite problems are something that don’t occur on a very regular basis but once developed, it needs to be treated professionally. Termite control, sometimes referred as termite damage or termite prevention requires special tools & equipment, the right anti-termite chemicals, but most importantly, expertise in dealing with the problem itself. (Visiting charges of Rs 299 will be applicable in case job is not availed by customer after site visit.)

    Duration 2-3 hr
    Turnaround Time 2 hr
    Pricing Depends on the scope of work
    • Termite Control
    • Rodent control
    • Mosquito fogging
    • Bed bug control
    • Cockroach, lizards, moth, silverfish, spiders

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    Termite control FAQs

    What’s included in Termite Control?
    Termite control is an elaborate treatment process. In order to start the termite control treatment, it’s important to identify termite breeding sites. Termites are usually found in inaccessible areas away from light and fresh air. They usually dwell in the ground where they create channels such as mud tubes to transport food sources such as wood from above. Once their breeding ground is identified, our pest control Pro drills several equidistant holes of approximately 4-5 inches deep. The next process step involves injection of liquid based chemicals into the drilled holes to eradicate termites. Lastly, it’s time to cover up the holes and let the chemicals do their job. Post injection of chemicals, the holes are filled up neatly using white cement.
    What’s not included in Termite Control?
    Termite control is specific to eradication of termites. Termite control does not include removal or treatment of other pests at home such as cockroaches, rats, spiders, lizards etc. The mentioned services are available as a different service mainly due to the difference in its application and treatment. Each type of service requires a different application method, chemicals, and treatment procedures.
    How much time is required for a standard Termite Control service to finish?
    It depends on the area/ number of rooms to be covered in the house. Termite control service for a standard 2-3 BHK house typically takes a few hours to complete.
    How many Pros are required for the job?
    One person can do a good enough job. In case a larger area needs to be covered, two people at most may be required. For commercial services whereby a warehouse or other specialized building needs to be treated, the number of Pros required will be determined by the size of the site.
    How long does Termite Control treatment last / How often is Termite Control service required?
    Termite treatments usually last for 1-2 years before the chemical wears off its effect. Its subsequent infestation depends upon factors such as changing weather, accumulation of moisture etc.
    What precautionary measures should customers take before and after availing Termite Control service?
    BEFORE: Customers should clear the area where they require the pest control to be carried out. Common termite breeding sites include the joints of fixed wooden structures such as closets, windows, doors, sills, support posts, etc. Termites are usually found at or near ground level. So preliminary inspection might require crawling in crawl spaces. AFTER: Customers are, if possible, advised to stay away from areas for a couple of hours where the termite treatment has been carried out. Drilling through wooden structures or floors may result in production of dust. So it’s advised to ventilate the room after the treatment process.
    Reasons that cause Termite infestation
    Termites attack wooden furniture and products. They thrive in conditions where there is minimal external interference such as light, air etc. They prefer moist and humid conditions. When moisture settles in the wood, it acts as the perfect breeding site for termites. Termites need to be dealt on priority. The longer the wait, the more the damage to the wooden structure.

    More about Termite control

    Termites are one of the main reason for the damage of wooden item in home. They breed fast and eat away your wooden items in home. Soil, water and wood are the three conditions that provide breeding ground termites. There are several preventive measures of termite control but it is advised to perform a thorough examination of your home by termite control experts.

    Important guidelines for termite control:

    • Water is very important for termite breeding. Identify all the source of water leakage in your home (both interior and exterior) like any leaky faucet or leaky hose pipe and repair them. Do not make water easily available to the termites. It is a simple way of termite control.
    • Eliminate any standing water around your home like rain water accumulation in your garden or yard to prevent termite growth in home.
    • Moisture control is a great way of termite control. Moisture is ideal for termites. Heavy vegetation around home reduce sunlight to reach ground and create area of intense moisture (ideal for termite growth). So regularly trim down heavy brushes around your home. This will make it easy for sunlight to reach your home and reduce moisture.
    • Wood is food for termites. Store excess logs of wood and firewood in such a way that they do not touch the ground. Create a barrier between the wood and ground to prevent direct access to the termites. Place a think concrete slab or think metal slab stand to raise the wood off the ground.
    • Wood and soil are ideal for termite growth so never bury wood scrap in the ground.
    • Remove any dead tree from your yard or garden. Termites love dead plant.
    • Water accelerates termite growth. Keep all the drains and gutter unclogged to prevent water from getting collected in your yard or garden. Water control is very effective in termite control.
    • Make your home well ventilated to keep adequate air flow through home. This would keep moisture at bay and prevent termite growth.
    • Furniture in garden are in direct contact with the ground and become easy target for the termite. So prefer using metal or fiber furniture in the garden area.
    • If you find any mud tube on the walls or on furniture, immediately call termite control professionals for inspection.

    What is included in termite control service?

    While the above preventive measure may work, you may still need professional termite control treatment by industry experts. The process of termite control in home begins with the inspection of the property by termite control experts. The professionals will perform a thorough examination of your home by checking all risk areas like room furniture, garden furniture, wardrobes etc. The termite control team looks for sign of termites. Upon confirmation, the professionals recommend a termite control treatment based on the severity of the infestation and customer’s preferences.