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    Refrigerator AMC Plan

    Refrigerator AMC Plan


    The refrigerator AMC Plan covers all the benefits under the Extended Warranty plan + it also offers preventive services (ex: Cleaning/ servicing) as well as the consumables. Our refrigerator AMC plans are the best available, one stop-shop for all the care your refrigerator needs. You won't have to do a single thing or pay a single penny for any breakdown or maintenance services under our refrigerator AMC plans.

    Duration Same day visit
    Turnaround Time 2 Hrs
    Pricing Depends on variant
    • All mechanical or electrical breakdowns even after the expiry of your device’s manufacturer’s warranty
    • All spare parts covered with free repair or replacement Sealed system – Gas charging, Capillary ,Drier, Relay, thermostat, Fan Motor, Timer and thermal Fuse. Plastics and aesthetics parts are not covered
    • Free preventive services worth Rs 750! including disassembly and cleaning of ice-makers, checking seals and leakages, interior lights check, cleaning coil, checking refrigerant levels, observe motor/ compressor operations, checking suction line insulation, checking drain lines, checking electrical connections, testing thermometers and recalibration

    Refrigerator AMC Plan FAQs

    What is not Covered under the Plan?
    - Any accidental or liquid damage - Theft or Loss of the product - Products installed at a commercial location - Parts still under the manufacturer's warranty (ex: compressor with 10 years warranty etc.) will be covered by the manufacturer.
    Can I buy AMC Plans for Out-of-Warranty products?
    Yes. You can purchase the Plan if your appliance is upto 4 years old and in working condition regardless of its warranty stature.
    How long after the date of purchase of a product can I buy the Extended Warranty plans?
    You can purchase our Extended Warranty Plans within 270 days (9 months) from the date of purchase of new product.
    How long does the plan coverage last?
    Coverage begins from the date of purchase of the plan till one year.
    What happens after I purchase the plan?
    Our customer service team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to arrange for the Quality Check of your appliance.
    What are the benefits under this plan?
    - No additional amount to be paid for repairs - Completely cashless repair service - Free doorstep Pick and Drop Service for all repairs - 100% transparent process with real-time updates on service requests - All repairs carried out by trained and company verified professionals