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    Ice formation on AC

    Ice formation on AC


    Ever imagined what’s the huge chunk of ice doing on your AC? Worse, it keeps coming back every time you turn on the AC. Also, did you notice a significant drop in the cooling capacity of your AC?

    Duration 30 mins - 3 hours
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fault dependent
    • Checking for gas leakage
    • Cleaning dust buildup

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    Ice formation on AC FAQs

    How many Pros are required for the job?
    How frequently the same problem may arise again?
    The problem is not expected to arise again under normal operating conditions.
    What precautionary measures should customers take before and after availing ice buildup problem service?
    No precautions are required.

    More about Ice formation on AC

    What are the reasons behind “Ice formation on AC” problem?

    Ice formation on an air conditioner is a common problem. When ice or frost builds up on your AC unit, cooling process gets effected. In worse cases an air conditioner stops cooling completely.

    3 most common reasons behind the problem of ice formation on AC are:

    • Dirty air filter: The most common cause of ice formation on AC is a dirty air filter. Dust and dirt on air filter of your air conditioner hamper airflow over the cooling coils or evaporator coils. Constant air flow inside your AC maintains the temperature of the cooling coil above freezing point. But when this air flow gets restricted by the clogged air filter, the cooling coil gets too cold. This phenomena later causes the moisture in the room to condense on the coil and freeze. The frost developed over the coil further reduces the airflow and eventually the AC stops cooling completely. To prevent this problem of ice formation on AC, clean the air filter of your AC from time to time.
    • Insufficient coolant level: When the level of coolant (Freon) is less than the required amount, the temperature of cooling coil drops much below the normal. Due to this phenomena the moisture in the room condenses on the coil and freezes. An AC repair professional will be able to accurately determine if the refrigerant level is just right in the cooling coils.
    • Faulty evaporator fan: Another common cause of ice formation on AC is a faulty evaporator fan. The evaporator fan constantly blows air inside the AC unit and keeps the temperature of cooling coils above the freezing point. This prevents frost formation on coils. But a faulty fan allows the temperature of cooling coils to drop much below the freezing point causing room moisture to condense and convert into frost on the coils.

    These are some common reasons behind ice formation on AC problem but there can be other reasons as well.

    What is included in this service "Ice Formation on AC"?

    The PRO visits clients site and troubleshoots the problem of ice formation on AC. The PRO first looks for basic reasons like clogged air filter and dirty cooling coil. If the filter and coils are found clean then PRO checks the key components of the AC like compressor, condenser, coolant, thermostat, start capacitor, sensor and others. After the actual problem is identified, PRO describes the problem to the customer and suggests a possible repair or replacement. On customer consent, the PRO repairs the AC.