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    Exterior Detailing

    Exterior Detailing


    No matter how comfortable or expensive your car is, it’s as good as it looks from the outside. And a dirty car is what looks dirty regardless of the make or color of your car.

    Duration 1 - 2 hours
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fixed pricing
    • Pressure wash
    • Foam scrubbing
    • Rinsing
    • Waxing and polishing
    • Denting and painting

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    Exterior Detailing FAQs

    How often is car exterior detailing recommended?
    Once in 3 months.
    Is anything required from the customer's end?
    The customer is expected to provide 2-3 buckets of water and an accessible electrical socket.
    What precautionary measures should customers take after availing car exterior detailing?
    It is recommended that to give your own cleaning cloth and clean water to the person who cleans your car daily. It will greatly help in retaining the shine on your car.

    More about Exterior Detailing

    Exterior car wash service includes pressure cleaning from the outside, rust clearing, conditioning using special shampoo foam and other cleaning agents. Window screens, mirrors, and windshields are washed thoroughly to remove dirt and marks. Your car is then rinsed and polished, leaving no spots on the exterior. From stained and drab to spick and span. 

    Benefits of Professional Exterior Detailing 

    The main objective of getting your car washed is to remove all the dirt, keep the car’s luster, and to protect it from external corrosive elements. Most people have a misconception that the external coating of the car is enough to protect it from various external abrasive elements. 

    Professional exterior detailing service protects the car from the various harsh environmental factors and potentially corrosive substances. Even plain dirt if not removed for a long time chemically etches the car’s paint, leaving permanent paint damage. To prevent these types of damage, the car’s exteriors must be regularly cleaned using appropriate cleaning agents and tools. 

    What’s included in Exterior Detailing 

    Our professional car wash service providers use special tools to clean your vehicle of all kinds of dirt and grime. Keeping your car clean not only helps in keeping your car clean but also helps in maintaining your car parts from corrosion, thus helping retain more resale value. 

    Following are the list of items that are included in Complete Car Wash service:

    • Paint care and exterior maintenance: The exterior parts of the car are properly washed and dried to remove any dirt and grime. Experior cleaning also include removal of other tough stains such as metal particles, dirt, tar for a clear coat. If needed, the exterior body will be rubbed to remove any removable marks and minor scratches. 
    • Pressure Cleaning of Undercarriage/ Chassis and Wheels/ Wheel Covers: The chassis and wheels/ wheel covers are the areas where most of the dirt and grime gets accumulated. Pressure cleaning not only includes these parts but also inside the wheel wells and around the major suspension components that are hard to reach. Cleaning these parts protects and maintains the car from harms that are caused by the corrosive particles. 
    • Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim: The headlights and taillights of the car must be kept clean at all times. Our car wash service providers do complete detailing of your car. The headlights and taillights are properly cleaned to remove haze. It helps in bringing back the sparkle to your car. The results are immediate and quite evident. It also helps in improving the overall lighting, visibility and the overall look of your car. 
    • Engine Bay Area: The engine bay area is also always properly cleaned, polished, dressed and protected during the car detailing process, using a range of cleaning products and brushes, but it varies from person to person at which part in the process it is undertaken. Some prefer to tackle it first before the rest of the car, while others may clean it after the exterior has been detailed, before moving onto the interior.