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Skyhawk: A sharp eye on surveillance to help keep us safer

Skyhawk Seagate India

When do we need smart, safe, secure technology the most?

Surveillance systems should be some of the toughest technology we have. There’s no excuse for a bad camera feed, a lost internet connection, a missing moment in time.

These systems are built to protect or preserve the most valuable of assets — whether monitoring and securing the world’s largest airports, working to keep us safer at public events, or helping study the behaviors of animals in the wild. Seagate is proud to be celebrating our 10th year building hard drives customized just for this crucial security technology, and we celebrate with you by introducing our new 10TB generation of SkyHawk surveillance drives.

SkyHawk, our latest evolution of surveillance-optimized drives, soars with the industry’s latest technology to deliver the most reliable and robust surveillance-optimized drives the market has seen.

Support up to 64 HD cameras; capture over 10,000 hours of video

Now with capacities up to 10TB, SkyHawk supports over 10,000 hours of video recorded on a single drive to accommodate the growth in cameras purchased, higher resolution of recordings and longer data retention periods. SkyHawk is built to be smart, safe and secure for your video surveillance recordings.

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And there will be more to come. As the market continues to grow and customers learn how to leverage their video data, SkyHawk will lead, stretching its wings to continue to deliver the most unique surveillance storage offering. For those of you who’ve been on the journey with us — thank you! For those new to Seagate, we hope you find our most reliable product yet in our new SkyHawk series of surveillance-optimized drives.


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