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Future of Hard Drive Storage and Performance – Seagate HAMR and MACH2

As the world’s demand for storage continues to grow, Seagate is committed to maintaining its leadership position in hard disk drive technologies and ship the highest capacity and most reliable drives in the market. Seagate recently launched two new technologies to that are focused on increasing hard drive capacity and performance of the hard drives by up to twice.

HAMR Technology

HAMR is Seagate’s latest technological offering in terms of upgrading the storage of hard drives to meet our storage needs in the future. HAMR is the new-age solution to address the ever-growing demands of the customer in terms of drive capacity.

As claimed by a representative from Seagate, the HAMR technology should be able to double the capacity of the existing hard drives. So that means now we will soon have hard drives with more 20 TB capacities. Seagate is planning to launch this technology in products coming out as early as 2019.

MACH2 Technology

MACH2 is multi-actuator technology that has not one but two independent actuators. Both actuators can work simultaneously, transferring data at the same time. So, this technology is bound to provide double the performance for customer’s requirements.

Seagate engineers have set a new record for how fast data can stream data off of a hard drive. With a Seagate hard drive equipped with its MACH.2 Multi Actuator technology, Seagate has demonstrated up to 480MB/s sustained throughput — the fastest ever from a single hard drive, and 60 percent faster than a 15K drive.


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