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An easy way to view your CCTV video on a smartphone

Viewing cctv online

Following this guide, you’ll be able to view your CCTV video on a smartphone from anywhere at any time. Just follow the simple guide.

Connect your DVR to your router

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To view the CCTV video on a smartphone you will need an internet connection. Connect the DVR to the internet via WiFi or LAN or dongle, whichever the DVR supports.

Assigning IP

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In the Network tab in the DVR settings locate local IP settings. Local IP should be in the same Gateway range as the   use the the Command prompt of Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and type in ipconfig. For example, if the Gateway is, then you can make the DVR’s IP anything from to

The SubNet Mask should also be same, which is usually

Port forwarding

Make sure both the ports i.e. 8080 and 554 are both open. If your IP is, then in the browser type to access the video feed.

If the ports are closed, contact you internet service provider in helping with modem bridging.

Login to the DVR

Open the browser and access http://ipadress:port (Eg: Enter the username and password here. By default, it is set to admin and 1234 respectively. You should now be able to view the video feed on you PC.

Mobile app

Install the DVR manufacturer’s mobile app for online viewing. Now login into your DVR using the IP, username and password. Done!

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