Types of CCTV security cameras available for surveillance

best CCTV cameras of 2017
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A CCTV camera is one of the most popular security devices in today’s date and time. Whether you are looking for a security product for your home or office, a CCTV camera is the most obvious choice. If you are considering buying a CCTV security camera for yourself then you must know that there are various options to choose from. There are many types of CCTV security cameras available and you must familiarise yourself with all the options before you take the decision to buy a particular one.  This is why we have brought you a list of the types of cameras to select from and it is given as follows:

1. Dome CCTV cameras

This is one of the best types of CCTV security cameras and also the most popular option for indoor security and surveillance.  They get their name from the dome shaped housing which is designed to make them unobtrusive. Some dome CCTV cameras rotate so that they can cover a larger area of surveillance. Dome CCTV cameras are further available in several types and some include:

  • Infrared Dome cameras-These are those types of Dome cameras which have night vision facility. They can capture images abd videos in low light and no light conditions.They have IR LEDs positioned around the camera edges.
  • Vandal Dome cameras-Vandal dome cameras are weatherproof dome cameras which are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Varifocal Dome cameras- These are those types of Dome cameras which have varifocal zoom facility. This means that these can zoom in and zoom out.
dome cctv cameras

Image Credits: CCTV Camera Pros

2. Bullet CCTV cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras are those which have a tall and tapered shape. These cameras look like rifle bullet and are ideal for long distance viewing.  They are also often referred to as lipstick cameras, due to their shape. These are generally wall or ceiling mounted but are usually not capable of zooming. They take images and videos from a fixed location. The following are some common types of Bullet CCTV cameras:

  • Analog CCTV cameras-These are those types of bullet shaped cameras which produce video through BNC output and work without the DVR.
  • AHD Cameras-These are Analog high definition cameras which are more modern day in use and technology than Analog CCTV cameras and provide a better resolution.
  • TVI cameras-These are a great alternative to traditional analog cameras because they provide a better resolution and quality. TVI stands for Transport Video interface.
bullet cctv security camera

Image Credits: Amazon.com

3. C-mount CCTV Cameras

Another type of CCTV cameras that you can consider buying is C-Mount type CCTV cameras.  Their speciality is that they have a detachable lens which helps fit them for different kinds of applications.  These cameras are designed to capture longer distances because of their special lenses.The best thing about them is that you can have longer distance and still maintain a very wide-angle-of-view

C Mount cctv camera

Image Credits: Aliexpress.com

4. Day/night CCTV cameras

If you wish to buy a surveillance camera which works both in daylight and night time, then this variety will prove useful. A lot of dome, bullet and C type cameras can be used for day and night use as well.  Their advantage is that they can take images in low light conditions as well.  These cameras are mostly used outdoors.

day night CCTV Cameras

Image Credits: Promotioncams.com

5. Wireless CCTV cameras

In the year 2017, there is a huge demand for wireless CCTV cameras.  They make use of various types of modes for wireless transmissions and offer the main advantage of being flexible in use. Wireless CCTV cameras may be a little more expensive than others but are usually worth the price.

wireless CCTV camera

Image Credits: Domar.com

6. High definition CCTV cameras

High definition CCTV cameras provide ultra clear and high definition images and video recordings and are useful for areas which require high surveillance.  They are used in casinos and banks where absolutely clear and crisp images and zoom in can be availed.

HD CCTV camera

Image Credits: Pinterest

7. Network/IP CCTV cameras

These surveillance cameras can be both wireless and hardwired and transmit images over the internet. These cameras prove very useful and are a preferred choice for many these days.

IP CCTV cameras

Image Credits: eclipsesurveillance.com

8. Infrared/night vision CCTV cameras

This is another popular variety of CCTV cameras and is one which is specialised to use during the night time due to its night vision or infrared specification.  They help to capture images and record videos in even pitch dark conditions.

night vision CCTV cameras

Image Credits: YouTube.com

For CCTV camera installation of any of these types of CCTV security cameras available in 2017, you can reach out to Mr Right.

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