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How to remove moisture from CCTV cameras yourself?

moisture on cctv camera

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With moisture inside the CCTV camera, you will not get any helpful accounts over a difficult evening. To dispose of the mist on open-air surveillance cameras, you need not call an expert and pay high service charges. Here is a number of useful tips and ways on how to remove moisture from CCTV cameras yourself:

1. Wipe the mist out with a micro-fiber piece of cloth

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To remove moisture from CCTV cameras, you may essentially wipe the external focal point covers (not the focal points) with a micro fiber material, which won’t leave any water spots.

Another attainable method to get the moisture out of CCTV cameras is utilizing a hairdryer to warm up with less power and a distance. Keep rubbing the cloth on the lens gently along the dryer blows. The mist on the surveillance camera will vanish soon.

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2. Anti-fog spray on the covers

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In the event that that surveillance camera moisture issues happen often, it is ideal to apply a layer of anti-fog spray on the external camera lens cover also. This spray becomes necessary in the rainy season or places with high moisture in the air.

By utilizing such sprays consistently, you can shield outside surveillance cameras from moisture-related issues.

3. Keep the camera in Waterproof Box to remove moisture

Waterproof boxes are serviceable answers for manage buildup in IP surveillance cameras, particularly if it rains hard and heavy storms hit your regions. Furthermore, remember the ventilation or it will increase the water droplets.

Drill an opening and cover it with water-resistant materials.

4. How to remove moisture from a dome CCTV camera?

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In the event that there is a buildup inside dome surveillance cameras, it is ideal to take the outside CCTV cameras from the fitted positions and bring them inside prior to eliminating their external covers.

Then, at that point, you may utilize a tiny fiber fabric or hairdryer to clear off mist cautiously. Subsequent to utilizing such devices, no water spots will be left on the outside of the focal point covers so the arch surveillance cameras’ picture quality won’t be influenced also.

After the cleaning, it is ideal to re-seal the surveillance cameras by squeezing the froth ring against the glass firm and including waterproof gel for every one of the seals and gaskets.

Thus, you can stay away from additional dome surveillance camera moisture issues.

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5. Silica Gel is still effective

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One of the old-school techniques, silica gel works fine with all surfaces to date. To keep surveillance cameras from getting hazy around evening time, another great arrangement is to put a little parcel of silica gel inside the outside CCTV cameras.

Such desiccant materials are equipped for eliminating dampness and drying out the air and in this way, keeping away from CCTV camera moisture issues.

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