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CCTV security camera buying tips and suggestions

importance of cctv cameras for businesses

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Want to get a CCTV security camera installed at your home or office? Well that seems to be a good decision. But are you aware that there is a gamut of options available and the price range can vary between a few hundred to several thousand? Probably not. To make your job of buying a security camera easier, we have come up with some useful purchasing tips and suggestions. They are given as follows.

1. Inspect your purpose and needs

It is important to first identify your main purpose and needs. Know what do you need the CCTV for and whether you need a wireless one or a wired one. Check if you want only one camera or multiple ones. Also inspect what exactly is your budget before going forward.

2. Choose the type of CCTV security camera that you want

The next step is to select the camera type.  On one hand there are wired CCTV security cameras available which can be installed both indoors and outdoors and have IR cut filter for night vision too. On the other hand, there are wireless cameras which are often more cost effective and more secure as well. Another option available is a network camera or one with IP or internet protocol.  Such CCTV security cameras provide you remote access on your computer or handheld devices.

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3. Select between colored and black and white

Another thing to consider when buying a CCTV camera is whether you are okay with a black and white output or would you prefer a colored camera.  If the camera is to be used in low light conditions, then black and white is a better option whereas on the other hand, colored camera works better in indoor and well lit lighting conditions.

4. Check the resolution and light level

Before buying a CCTV security camera, it is important that you check its resolution and also the light level. Light level is measured in lux and the lower this number is, the lesser light will it need to reproduce a clear output.  On the other hand, opt for a camera with a good resolution since such cameras produce sharper images.

5. Opt for a camera with system recorders

It is always better to buy a CCTV camera which comes with a system recorder.  It must have a DVR or digital video recorder in it which has the ability to record data on hard drives. This is important so that you can watch the footage even later on.

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Now that you know the main tips for buying a CCTV security camera, you must try to follow them all when you venture out to purchase one for yourself. Also, buy from a trusted source and make sure that CCTV camera installation is done properly. The camera/cameras must be placed at such an angle that you can get coverage of the maximum area underneath.  Also, try to remain within a certain budget to avoid overspending.


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