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Water in basement after rains? Here’s how to deal with it

water in basement after rains

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Found water in basement after rains? Well you are not alone! It is quite common to spot water in your basement just after rains. However this must not be taken lightly since unexpected water in basement can damage your floors, walls and furniture and may cause mold growth. It can also ruin your carpets and other types of flooring materials like wooden flooring.  But what is the solution to avoid the water and deal with it once it is already there. There are several tips and ways to deal with water in basement after rains and this article will help you learn a few of the most effective ones. So read on to find out.

Find the cause

The first thing that you need to do when you spot water in basement is to find out the cause or reason. Some of the common causes as well as the appropriate solutions have been provided as follows:

1. Overflowing gutters

CAUSE: One of the common causes for water in basement after rains is overflowing gutters due to leaves, downspouts and others. During rains a lot of other things tend to flow down and clog your gutters.

SOLUTION:  The best way to solve this problem is to clean the debris, leaves and other materials from the gutters on a regular basis. If you see your gutters are overflowing then in that case, you can either increase the size of downspout or add another downspout. When installing the downspout, make sure you consider the pavement slope, sealant and landscape slope among other things.


2. Subsurface groundwater

CAUSE: If surface water is not responsible for water in basement after rains, then subsurface groundwater could be the cause.  Signs of this cause include water coming up through cracks in the basement concrete floor etc.

SOLUTION: This problem is difficult to deal with on your own and you may have to contact the authorities or a professional.

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3. Underground springs

CAUSE: Another possible reason for water in basement just after rains could be underground springs.

SOLUTION: It is best to install some kind of a perimeter drain system in order to relieve the hydrostatic pressure which builds up. In this case, the groundwater is pushed into the drain system and not into areas where it may lead to damaging of furniture, carpets and other belongings.


4. Sewer water backing up

CAUSE: If the water is coming up through sink drains or floor drains then this could be due to sewer water backing up.  During heavy rains, the combined sewer systems can get overwhelmed due to excess water and this may result in sewer water backing up inside basements and homes.  Some other reasons for sewer backups include clogging due to roots, tree leaves, debris etc.

SOLUTION:  It is important to clean the sewer or get it cleaned through authorities on a regular basis and especially during the rainy season.

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Now that you know the various ways to deal with water in basement after rains, you may be able to avoid the circumstance of finding water when you venture downstairs. Keep your home and surroundings clean and all your fittings checked regularly. You may have to contact a plumber or professional for helping with major water issues. For this purpose and for general plumbing work, you can contact Mr Right services.

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