Some tips on backyard garden design ideas 2017

Backyard garden design ideas 2017
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Gardening is a great leisure activity, it relaxes your mind and it gives you a certain sense of serenity being with nature. A backyard is one of the most loved corners of your home where you sit and perform many little things. There are certain trends you can follow while decorating your backyard garden. If you are living in an apartment now a day you can even buy grass and plant it on your balcony. Gardening mainly refers to the act of nurturing and cultivating various types of plants. Many people plant vegetables also in their gardens. So ranging from flowers, leafy vegetables to fruits people cultivate different things in their gardens which offers your aesthetic aspirations as well as fulfil some medicinal requirements also.

To find unique backyard garden ideas you can browse through online and can mix them with your own taste and ideas. After getting the basic inspiration online, you can grow a garden depending on your taste and requirements. You can recreate those gardens you have seen on the internet. You can either choose indoor or outdoor garden ideas depending on the availability of space at your home.However, it takes time to develop a garden, it cannot be done overnight. It is a gradual progression of your effort, imagination and ideas etc. Here are some backyard garden design ideas 2017 you should take note of if you are planning to develop a garden.

Proper planning

First thing is planning which is very important. You must consider the amount of sunlight in the corner of your home where you are contemplating the backyard garden. Then the possibilities of watering you must check. You must have a measurement of the area of your garden. And considering space, you can think of planning big pot plants, mixing different herbs, using climbers on walls, attaching clay pots to the pot stand etc. Many creative ideas can play here you just need to be imaginative here. Also by adding an antique chair or which is lying unused at your house from your grandfather’s days can give another look at your garden.

Using the right kind of fencing

One thing you must when it comes to decorating your backyard garden and that is fencing.

Aluminium Fencing

This you can try out in your backyard garden because it is easy to maintain them, and they are durable enough to sustain in the long run. They are available in different heights and style and it will be very helpful especially if you have pets at home and don’t want to disrupt your garden plants.

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Bamboo Fencing:

One big advantage is that they are eco-friendly, easy to install and reflects a good look. They are available in different forms-Live bamboo, rolled bamboo and bamboo cane. Bamboo fencing will give you privacy as well as durability to your garden.

Chain Link Fence:

They are common, yet they do not provide that much privacy to your garden.They are affordable, durable and again easy to maintain. Put an enormous number of flowers if you are installing chain link in your garden and you can even think of adding some other privacy options outside of your fencing link.

Wood Fencing:

Wood Fencing is also affordable and lightweight and very much durable which is one of the main benefits of it. From aesthetic purpose as well, wood fencing offers your garden a very warm look and a good taste.

Demand for natural materials

One trend that is highly appealing is planning natural materials in your backyard garden. Now a day’s, people are demanding for old fashioned and do it yourself look in their gardens. There is no such inclination towards modern designs. The trend is towards more authentic looking and fresh natural garden is shaping up. Old small outdoor furniture is a great attraction in the garden and people love it. An old bench or a curvy chair will add to the décor which also works as a relaxing point.

So, the trend is towards more natural items like wood and stone to build the backyard garden.

Colour blocking is another trend which you can use to highlight a certain part of your backyard garden. It refers to the use of distinct blocks of colour and putting it in one corner of your garden wall. You can put a row of potted plants and can use it in the backdrop of an outdoor sofa. It is less expensive yet adds a great beauty to the whole set up. In the absence of a wall, you can you can use a coloured rug or porch curtains to bring the effect. So, options can be many.


To maintain the ecosystem balance, now the trend is to grow native plants. The focus is on planning endemic plants, which are found locally in only one location on this earth. So, the idea is to plant as much as local plants to balance the environment. they are not available in the nursery, so you have to make some effort to find them. Even this localism is demanded when it comes to building materials for your backyard garden. The geographical factors determine the growth of certain plants in one region and this led to many unique plants. Local materials help to minimize carbon emission.

Finding a lawn

Finding a lawn suitable for the growth of the plants is not easy. So, an alternative can be used here. You can install a lot more grass mixes which do not require to be mowed. Many people are opting for it instead of traditional lawns. Though there is controversy regarding the environmental effect of faux grass, they continue to be welcomed by people because of the natural look they reflect. They are low maintenance garden yet almost look real and natural.

Finding a lawn

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Edible garden

This trend is going strong and people are increasingly looking for maintaining an edible backyard garden with lots of vegetables.

Edible garden

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Combining old and new

The trend is about a judicious combination of an old and new trend of gardening. Sticking to either of them will not give very good result. It is true in both in the interiors and architecture of the backyard garden design. Combing the two styles will create more appeal to your garden.

Play area

Incorporating a play area in your garden for people of all ages is a trend now a day. Playing courts, space for kids and pets, and small dining areas, fireplaces etc are a great attraction. In the backyard garden, people look for places where they can sit and relax and enjoy the nature.

Grow dwarf shrubs

Planning short woody plant is a trend now a day. People prefer a garden now a day which needs minimal maintenance because of their busy schedule. So, these dwarf scrubs have come to the rescue in such circumstances. Evergreen shrubs are great when it comes to décor your backyard garden. They are of the low height and ideal for a garden as you don’t need to clip them.

Grow dwarf shrubs

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Knowing in advance about backyard garden design ideas 2017 will enable you to bring much uniqueness to your garden.

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