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How to polish stainless steel items with perfection

How to polish stainless steel items

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Stainless steel needs good care. It easily attracts tarnish and watermarks. So, anything that is stainless steel needs polishing at frequent intervals. You can use water and nontoxic substances including vinegar or olive oil to clean them. Any chemical steel cleaner you can use buying from the market. Regular cleaning of stainless steel will give you freedom from scratch. Below are some quick household tips about how to polish stainless steel with less effort.

Cleaning of stainless steel with vinegar

When it comes to cleaning of stainless steel with vinegar, you must choose white and cider vinegar to clean your item. The cider vinegar people prefer because of its pleasant smell. Because of the higher acidity level, it is capable of cleaning tough sink stains.

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In case of stainless steel which is heavily tarnished, apply only a cleaning vinegar. While cleaning, you must check the stainless-steel grain lines, running either horizontally or vertically. Cleaning of stainless steel through these lines will enable you to reach the small cuts where usually more dirt gets deposited. Spraying the vinegar is a better way to apply it. You must spray it continuously until the steel is overlapped in vinegar. Else you can use a wet cloth and gently rub the steel. If you expect light polishing, then drop the slight amount of water in the vinegar and polish the stainless steel with heavy stain. After polishing finished, wipe the steel with a cotton cloth. This helps to get back the original shining. At the same time, you must wipe the leftover vinegar in the grain, if you want to prevent your steel to fade away fast.

If you prefer olive oil for the cleaning of stainless steel

Olive oil is a very good alternative for the cleaning of stainless steel. Pour a considerable amount of olive oil into a soft microfiber washcloth. Let them properly soaked into the cloth for a few seconds. A baby oil can be a good alternative if you do not have olive oil at home.

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Wait till the outer surface of the stainless steel completely coated in olive oil. Keep wiping the steel till the time you see some shining appears on the surface. While applying the polish, you must exert some firm pressure if you expect good shining. However, do not apply the pressure on the groves, otherwise, the shining will not come out good. Always remove the unnecessary oil trapped on the stainless steel with a dry cloth because it will affect the polishing and your hard work will go in vain.

How to polish stainless steel using chemical cleaners

To get the best shining, use a non-waxy polish. Get a good quality stainless steel polish available in the market and apply it.

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A water-based cleaner is not a suitable solution to clean stainless steel, so for a better polish result, use an oil-based one. However, if you want to be environment-friendly then choose a water-based cleaner for the cleaning of stainless steel. Remember to carry out the polishing in a well-ventilated atmosphere, because inhaling the fumes can be dangerous. You can do it outside or can leave the windows and doors open if you are doing it inside. Protect your hands with rubber gloves while spraying the cleaner over the steel. Read all the safety instructions carefully before applying it. The cleaning of stainless steel with chemical cleaner is almost the same with using olive oil or vinegar, the only difference is that you should be more careful while using a chemical cleaner.

These are a range of options with which you can start cleaning your stainless steel at home without any professional help.

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