Your toilet flush is not working? Read about these solutions

How to fix common problems with toilet flush
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Nothing more distressing than this when you sit on the toilet and the flush is not working. Every now and then you encounter this problem with the toilet flush. When a toilet flush starts automatically refill and empties it, and thus working intermittently, then this problem is called phantom flush. This is a minor leak from the tank to the bowl. That hissing sound is very familiar to you as you must have experienced it several times. In this situation, you should check entire parts of a toilet tank-the float, the refill tube, and the inlet-valve, as the origin of the problem must be there. Either you need to adjust the float or just see if the refill tube is in the proper position, that means it should not be inserted deeply into the overflow tube. If these tricks do not work, then you will need to get a new ballcock assembly.

The toilet tank is major plumbing point where most of the problems originate and most of the repairs are done. This toilet tank is responsible for accommodating the water needed to flush the toilet and accommodate the complete apparatus that fill and empties the water. It has various spots which need repairing from time to time. If you want to know how to fix common problems with toilet flush, then below are some information regarding this-

One common problem is running toilet

The water from your toilet flush is running continuously and it will finish your water in the main tank. A running toilet is a great irritant and that repeated sound of water will make you crazy.

One common problem is running toilet

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Your electricity bill will go up eventually and this will just impact your budget. At the same time, it will leave an impact on the energy efficiency of your home. To inquire about the source of this problem with your toilet flush, you should check your flapper valve first. The flapper valve chain should be rightly connected for the better functioning of the toilet flush. 

Loose flush handle

When your toilet flush handle becomes very loose and does not pull out water then it is because it lost connection with the rest of the toilet apparatus.

loose flush handle

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This is a quick fix and you can do it. You can start with reconnecting it or simply lift chain from the toilet flush handle so that it can function again. Another possible solution can be a simple adjustment of the handle mounting nut found inside the toilet tank. You can tighten it by moving it anticlockwise.

Water on the toilet base, leaky seals

When you discover a bundle of water at the base of your toilet it shows a serious problem. Here you should be careful because the water might be dirty. In this situation, you should avoid using your toilet till a professional arrives and remove your toilet from the floor and repair it. By default, a toilet has minimum five seals to safeguard any leakage.

Water on the toilet base, Leaky Seals

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First, you check is any of these seals get loosened, if you find so then tighten it immediately. You can see the biggest seal is there between the toilet tank and the bowl, and any break in this seal will cause a huge amount of leakage in every toilet flush.

You must replace this seal and for that, you must drain out the water and remove the toilet tank as well. Take the old seal out and adjust a new one. To talk about smaller seals, those located at the base of the ballcock or at the mounting bolts may also break and cause minor leaks. You can replace them in the same manner. Sometimes simply tightening them will solve your problem. Another seal called wax seal, located under the toilet base and breaking down of this will cause the floor to be decomposed. This situation will require the removal of the toilet and replace the wax seal, which only a professional can perform, not you.

Toilet clogged

This is a frequent plumbing problem occurs in every household. You can use a drain cleaning chemical from the market and apply it. This is an easy trick works in most of the situations. Many such tools are available in the market which helps you to clear out drain clog. For example, you can use a force-cup plunger if it is a minor clog. Just inserting its cup into the drain and then pumping out forcefully will help you to release the clog. Repeat the process if you see the drain is not come out clear. A closet auger is another useful tool to clear difficult clogs. Simply inserting into the drain hole and twisting the handle for several times will give you the result. Be careful not to leave any scratch in the bowl, otherwise, you will end up spending more.

These informations about how to fix common problems with toilet flush will give you important knowledge on the parts of a toilet and you can use these tips at some point of time at your home.

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