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bathroom sink size
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The bathroom sink is an idea of decoration as well as comfort. You must feel good when you enter your bathroom. You may be clueless like many others while installing a sink because you do not know which sink size will give you better comfort. People always prefer a spacious wash basin to get freshen up after a hectic day at work. Some sinks are big enough to wash your hair and some small delicate clothes. The mounting position of the bathroom sink is what determines the features and varieties of the sink. This also helps you to determine the sink size. Below are a few guidelines on how to choose bathroom sink size by making some important considerations.

Types of bathroom sink

Countertop Sink

This type of bathroom sink sits on a cabinetry and look good and convenient.

Countertop Sink

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The sink is attached to the cabinetry. This is a common structure found now a day. The advantage of this type of Countertop sinks is that they provide you good storage facility and elbow room. This is because a decent sized surface is found around the basin and the cabinetry and it all give you better comfort while carrying out washing activities. This type of wash basin also comes with numerous options-

Integrated Sink

In this style, you will find the countertop and sink are in an integrated manner and are made of same material. This type of wash basin is preferred because of its easy cleaning facilities.

Top-mount sink

Very easy to install, this type of bathroom sink has rolled edges and has a countertop opening. They can be directly fitted to any tiles or such strong surface.

Undermount Sink

This kind of wash basin is installed on the countertop, making the edge of the countertop visible around the sink. They are also easy to clean.

Vessel sink or above-counter-sink

 This is a stylish looking wash basin where the basins sit at the countertop.

Pedestal Sink

This kind of bathroom sink has a slender base, with a basin at the top of it. This is an old-fashioned basin though now you can find their modern versions in the market. They are ideal for small bathrooms where there is no need of any storage.

Pedestal Sink

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Wall-mount sink

This wash basin is well fitted in commercial and institutions setups. However, it can be used in home bathrooms as well. They are hung on the wall at a comfortable height and there is open space below the installation. With this structure, the drainpipe and water supply lines will look visible. This type of bathroom sink is preferred because of their affordable nature, some of them are found in polished chrome pipe finish and reflect a good look.


This is a common variation of the wall mount wash basin, it is installed in a table, reflecting a traditional look. In some settings, it has two legs while some others it has four legs. They contain an adequate amount of counter space and open shelving below.

Consider its sizes and shapes

There is no recommended size for a bathroom sink. Some are ideal to wash your hands while some others you can perform much work. The round sinks are usually 16 to 20 inches in diameter, while the rectangular ones are found between 19 to 24 inches wide from all the sides. The depth of a basin is somewhere between 5 to 8 inches.

It is a matter of personal choice and consideration that you prefer the sink size and shapes of your wash basin. If you want to revamp your bathroom, you will definitely go for a modern and comfortable look. However, in some replacement, where you would like to reuse the vanity and countertop. In such situations, make sure that the new bathroom sink will fit the size of the countertop and it is installed in the same manner.

Sink material quality

Quality is a huge consideration in everything we purchase. You must check the material used in making the bathroom sink-whether it is porcelain, vitreous china, and fireclay as they are largely in demand. They are found in combination with glass, natural stone, solid surface, and metals such as stainless steel, copper, nickel, cast iron and brass as some modifying elements. This all augments the beauty of the structure.

Vitreous China

It provides a smooth, glossy wash basin which is stain resistant and last longer. They are easy to clean.

Vitreous China

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The metal bathroom sink is found in different varieties including that of a cast iron to stainless steel and sometimes it provides the earthy finish of copper and nickel. You can see some other finishes including the brushed and hammered finishes which produce a beautiful texture. However, copper finishes are difficult to keep clean. So, keep that in mind when you select a wash basin.


A Glass bathroom sink though sounds breakable, it is actually a strong structure. For normal use, a tempered glass wash basin works very well. You should remember not to drop any heavy object above it and it should not come in contact with sharp metal or glass, otherwise, it might leave scratches and chips. If you have hard water at home, glass-based sinks are difficult to clean.

Solid Surface

This kind of wash basin is made up of natural stone in a composite material and they leave a good look. They are preferred because of their easy installation and maintenance qualities. A fine example of this is a single piece solid-surface countertop with an integrated sink.


A stone bathroom sink is made up of varieties of materials including- marble, granite, travertine, and onyx etc. They reflect a gorgeous look with a natural touch. They also allow under-mount basin installation. This kind of wash basin requires routine maintenance because of their porous structure.

stone bathroom sink

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Faucet Compatibility

When you install a new wash basin, always check if the size of the sink matches the faucet design. In most of the models, there is one or three holes are drilled to hold the sink, which can be single-handed sink or a double handed one separately for hot and cold water. Though single-handed faucets require only one hole, in some instance they need 3 hole sinks.

Concluding remark

Professional installation is necessary when it comes to installing your bathroom sink. This process requires perfection and efficiency which only an expert hand can perform.

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