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Information on necessary plumbing basics

plumbing basics

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The plumbing system at your home is an essential arrangement as it regulates the whole water system at your place. Basically, it is a combination of two subsystems-one which carries freshwater and the other which releases the wastewater. The concept of plumbing system actually depends on three basic laws of nature, gravity, pressure and water seeking its own level. If you understand properly the plumbing basics, you can figure out which creates a problem for what and perform many small fixes at home without calling a plumber.

How this plumbing system works

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The management of drainage plumbing set up

When it comes to the management of your drainage system, whether it is sewage or septic tanks at home, the process is same with your plumbing system. However, the plumbing set up does not depend on pressure, unlike the supply system. The wastewater release through it in all directions. Gravity works here, and it pulls out the waste along. The sewer line carries this downward flow to a septic tank.

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The drainage system might sound very simple yet there are many parts in it including the vents, traps, and clean outs.

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Understanding the difference

So drainage system is different from the supply system at your home when it comes to understanding the plumbing set up. It is called the DWV: the drain-waste-vent plumbing set up and it is necessary for the water to flow out easily and the waste to flush out properly in your home.

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You should check the pipes in the basement under your house at the regular intervals to see that all parts of the DWV are in order.

Concluding remark

Before you take up any plumbing system repairing work, the first thing you need to do is turning off the main water supply. Follow your local plumbing guidelines and enquiry if you are allowed to do your own plumbing work or not.  If you get the permission, then you can save a lot of money by solving the problem.

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