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Do you experience low water pressure in showers? Check these reasons

How to fix low water pressure in showers

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You are waiting to get a heavy shower at home and the water is not flowing properly. This causes disappointment because you are not getting any result even after spending quite a good amount on your bathroom fittings. When you experience low water pressure in the shower, it can be a combination of various factors. Corrosion in the water pipes built over time is a primary reason for low water flow in showers at your home. Together you should consider other reasons as well and address them before rushing to remove your pipes. Read this about how to fix low water pressure in showers without any outside help.

Consider replacing your water-restricting showerhead

If you have a default low water pressure showerhead then naturally the water pressure will be low. Check if there is water restricting device present in your regular shower head. You can replace it if it is so and get good water flow in showers.

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Water sediment deposited over time from showerhead

Over time, mineral deposits and scale clog up your shower head and this causes low water pressure. Take out the showerhead and soak in vinegar.

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Leave it for 8 hours. Take a dry cloth and press out any dust particles with the help of a toothpick. When you see the deposits are difficult to go with a toothpick, then you should buy a new showerhead and enjoy water flow in showers at a good speed.

Problems in the curb meter

Sometimes problems in the curb meter which is found in every house as a home energy monitor system will also cause low water pressure in the shower. Because of a decreased volume in this meter, the water tends to pour slowly and restricts the water flow in showers. Though you cannot play with the curbside meters, combined a water meter and shut-off valve, you can call your water provider to check if they are in right condition.

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Increase volume of main water meter to check water flow in showers

Many times, people reduce the volume of the main water pressure to save electricity bill. You can easily turn on and off the two shut-off valve located in the main water supply line and get rid of low water pressure.

Defects in the volume of Single-Control Shower results in low water pressure

This single control shower is difficult to repair and the best option is a replacement. Buy a new one and install it.

Another option is the opening of In-Line Shut-Off Valves

There is an additional valve located in your water system, that is called an in-line shut-off valve.

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Sometimes it is turned off which you may not be aware of and this causes low water pressure. They are individual pipelines used in the emergency stopping of water. They are present near on the shower pipes. You can open them whenever you feel there is low water pressure in the shower.

Mostly as you see there are defects in the shower head because of its cheap quality and hence it releases inadequate water. When it is caused by a flow restrictor located in the shower, you can either replace it or modify it to solve the problem of low water pressure. Another possible reason is that over time various things including wood dust, copper shavings, wood chips, pieces of plastic etc come in contact with the pipeline and impacts the flow of water.

You must be wondering how to fix low water pressure without ruining your pocket in today’s time. But it is actually possible if you know these tips.

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