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What to consider when buying a bathtub

Bathtub buying guide

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Bathroom tubs are a great luxury as well as an essential thing at home. A bathtub gives you a soothing experience when you need to rejuvenate yourself. A bathtub is a pond of pleasure, a personal pool to unwind yourself in the evening. There is nothing like relaxing in a bathtub after a tiring day at work in summer. Many people make mistakes while going to buy a bathtub. Things that define a bathtub is its design, functionality, price, and materials etc. You should examine these aspects before buying bathtubs. Here is some Bathtub buying guide which will help you to make a smart choice.

Various types of tubs which are in vogue

Two types of bathroom tubs which are mostly found- Freestanding and clawfoot. Some other types include- Alcove, drop-in and corner tubs, which are often integrated into the bathroom walls.

Amongst them, the 3-wall alcove bathroom tubs are constructed of a wall in the exterior and built-in storage cabinet. It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to have maximum space.

The drop-in bathroom tubs come as an empty tub shell.

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They are adjusted inside a fixed enclosure with matching properties in the bathroom, for example, the cabinets and tile. This structure can be costly because you will have to buy the enclosure separately.

A drop-in type is a undermounts bathtub, installed inside the floor level. It is covered by tiles. Another type is corner bathtub is a slight variation of the alcove and drop-in designs. This type of bathroom tubs is typically designed for a dual bathing purpose. However, a drop-in structure with all the facilities will also a costly affair.

Freestanding bathroom tubs refer to a standing bathing bowl large enough to accommodate a person with a strong base. Clawfoot bathtub comes with 4 strong legs which reflects a very colonial idea of soaking. These kinds of tubs are usually deep. Its back is created at a height that can support its head and neck well and prevents moving at the time of bathing.

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How to consider the Construction and Costs to make bathroom tubs

The material is one of the most important things to consider while buying bathtubs. A standard acrylic alcove tub will cost you more. A drop-in structure with all the facilities will also a costly affair.

Among the least expensive ones, you can go for acrylic and fiberglass bathroom tubs. They are easily available in the market with a variety of range, color, and styles.

If you want to go for warm bathroom tubs, then cast iron is a good option because heavy cast iron keeps the warm for longer periods, ideal for winters. It also comes in a moderate price range, so you can think of bringing it home this winter.

A fine choice is the copper bathtub. Though it will cost you dearly yet it leaves an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

A bathtub with good structure and durability and toughness is assured is enameled steel.

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It is affordable and resistant to any scratch and stains. However, you will not get too many color options with this model.

The costliest bathroom tubs

This is made from a stone and wood and thus reflects a distinct look. It is made from natural rocks and stone. You can add many other materials for show off, including a laminated form of walnut, pear, mahogany, and others. It is a freestanding structure and cost you heavy.

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Nothing comes close to that ordinary plain tub, where you used to play and bath in your childhood. This is a priceless experience. However, as you grow up, you have to make a smart move with these models mentioned above.

These Bathtub buying guide will definitely help you when you need to revamp your bathroom or will help you tremendously if you are a first-time buyer. A few models you can consider buying are given below-

MADONNA Splendour Acrylic Bath Tub – Ivory

MADONNA Rex Acrylic Bath Tub with Front Panel – White

MADONNA Divine Acrylic Bath Tub – White

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