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How to optimize best LED color temperature for your home

LED color temperature for home

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The Colour of the LED light source, also known as LED colour temperature vary and according to their capacity, they may turn to natural, daylight, warm, cool. Each one of them reflects a unique look and feel. After using them for a while, you will realize that some of the LED colours give better performance in certain types of applications. By way of checking the description given on the package of the bulb, you will identify the capacity of the light it will offer. However, by merely reading them will not help you to decide which types of LED light bulbs will be best suited for your rooms at home. Therefore, we will guide you here by defining the nature and types of LED colour temperature for home that will help you to maximize the lights.

How to measure LED colour temperature

The standard scale used to measure LED colour temperature is Kelvins and this is applied in LED light bulbs as well. The Kelvin is measured in between from 2700K to 6500K. Higher K indicates cooler temperatures, while lower K indicates warmer temperature. Hence, the term LED colour temperature is not related to the hotness of a bulb.

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The colours of LED light bulbs vary

They come in a wide range of colours, depending on the choice of the individuals. You can choose from soft yellow to bright whites. When you pick up warm lights you will find them more in colours-yellows, oranges, red etc. and when you prefer cool lights, you will find them in mostly in green and blue shades. The LED colour temperature is what determines the look and feel of a light and how it will create an effect in a certain room. It has something to do with the moods and emotions of people and how they see things.

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The LED colour temperature also leaves a great impact on the sleeping quality of people. Most people want warmer colours for indoors to lighten up the mood and for cooler colours to be used in outdoor places.

Types of popular LED light bulbs

Depending on the concept of LED colour temperature, there are several types of lights that are very popular in the market. There are mentioned below-

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So, the idea of LED colour temperature depends on how and where you like to place them at your home. What kind of LED light bulbs you like to use is also a factor you must consider here because not all the bulb types emit same temperatures and qualify to be LED. As we have shown here, for residential use, people always go for warmer lights. Then cool coloured LED colour temperature lights are mainly sought for business settings. They are always used in places where brightness is required.

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