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Must have garden accessories you should buy in 2017

Must have garden accessories you should buy in 2017

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There are certain tools that are specifically made for the maintenance of your garden. These are the set of gardening tools that help to solve many tasks in the garden and you can enjoy working outside in the garden with them. Whether you need to remove a thorny weed from the overgrown plant or the edges need smoothing, these are the specialized weapons that are made for these tasks.These gardening tools help you to keep your garden in shape and therefore it is necessary to buy the best gardening tools. If you possess the right kind of gardening tools, then the process of gardening becomes more enjoyable and relaxing rather than backbreaking.

In the market, you will get an innumerable number of gardening tools which will make you confused, therefore we have narrowed down some options for you to choose the right kind of tool to help you in carrying out the work. They are versatile gardening tools and durable as well. Experts have also recommended them for gardening work.

Let us have a look at some must-have garden accessories in 2017.

Felco F-2 classic manual hand pruner

A manual hand pruner, one of the useful gardening tools to cut down the small trees and shrubs.

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It is worth buying its 8 1/2-inch pruner because of its ability to slice the trees without any jamming in the blade. It comes with a rubber handle that has shock absorbing capacity and thus makes the work more comfortable. For smaller hands, you will get suitable models and for those who have joint problems will be happy using it because of its rotating capacity and ergonomic design. It comes with another impressive feature like a sap groove that will help to prevent sticking. This tool also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Japanese Hori Hori digging tool

If you are looking for a cheaper yet very effective garden knife, then this is one of the effective gardening tools to be picked up. It comes with a durable stainless-steel blade which can slice through the soil easily. It can handle any kind of heavy garden work, comfortable to be used in harsh weather conditions. It can move the toughest weeds. Because of its slightly concave shape, it is convenient to use for light planting, dividing flowers and transferring small plants. Some people use it as a hunting and fishing aid. Being one of the best gardening tools, it comes with a vinyl plastic sheath with a belt loop, a powerful wooden handle and measurements on the knife itself help to track the depth of the soil.

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Wilcox stainless steel garden trowel

It is a strong garden accessory almost indestructible, invincible even after years of using. You can carry out potting, planting and a slight amount of digging also with this garden accessory. It is available in multiple sizes including depending on the difficulty of the work to be carried out. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is a great advantage of buying it. It can be used in place of a soil knife and often used in performing more digging intensive tasks. This tool is sharp enough to be used in difficult digging work. It has an easy to grip handle and a convenient leather loop.

Fiskars 46-inch steel D-handle square garden spade

This garden accessory is more capable than a shovel and helps gardeners to slice through the soil. It comes with a flat and straight sharpened blade which makes edging quite easier. The unique feature of this garden accessory is that because of its powder coated finish, it keeps rust away. It also has a lifetime warranty. Its 18-gauge steel shaft helps to carry out a heavy and tough task. With it’s easy to grip large handle, this is quite a necessary tool for all times.

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Bully tools 82515 14-gauge round point shovel

This shovel a kind of spade is another useful garden accessory you can rely upon. It is known for its durability, versatility and effectivity when it comes to performing diverse types of gardening work. It is an American-made tool comes with a lifetime warranty. It can perform heavy works like moving small landscape boulders, digging long and narrow ditches etc. This sturdy garden accessory enables the users to exert more pressure on the blade without worrying about any breakage. The shovel usually comes as a tool over 59 inches long, with a 48 1/2-inch reinforced fibreglass handle.

Black and decker steel fan rake

This is a compact looking 5 inches fan rake, a useful garden accessory meant for cleaning up tight flower beds. Being a wider rake, it helps to collect through tight garden rows, but it won’t touch the vulnerable plants. It comes with a moulded grip handle which is very comfortable. It has rust-resistant capacity because of its powder coat finish. It comes with an impressive three-year warranty.

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Stratus RG202

It is a long-term professional rain and snow gauge which is a must-have garden accessory. It can give an accurate measure of rain and snow with the Stratus RG202. It possesses a 1-inch inner measuring tube and an overflow cylinder that is capable of collecting 11 inches of rain. The gauge with its easily removable and adjustable bracket led users to install it on a post.

These are the must-have garden accessories in 2017 you can get online or get it from the hardware store and they will make your garden work easy.


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