How To Install Vehicle Tracking Device?

vehicle tracking device

GPS vehicle tracking system uses a GPS receiver, a cell phone network, software or an internet connection to track the position of the vehicles. The positions are tracked either in real time or passive. The GPS tracking system monitors the position of the vehicle and is connected to computer or smart phone allowing anyone to view the movements of the vehicle.

GPS vehicle tracking ad management system is used in many companies to keep a track of delivery trucks, taxis, rental cars or other company vehicles. Many individuals use them for security just in case the car is stolen. Many parents use this system to keep a track on their children when they’re out alone. Fleet management system can be installed by anyone and you don’t need professional help for the installation.

How To Install Vehicle Tracking Device?

There are two types of GPS system available in the market – System which uses its own batteries and the one which runs off the vehicle’s power source. Installing a battery powered system is easier as there are no wires. They can placed anywhere in the vehicle where in the car. Whereas using vehicle power system would require wiring and continuous charging.

Once the system is selected purchased you need to check that the sim card that you are using is not PIN security protected. You can check it by inserting the sim in regular cell phone.

  1. Insert the sim card in your device.
  2. Then you can connect the batteries or power source to the power on the system.
  3. Then you need to find a place to install the device so that it is not visible to anyone.
  4. By following your user’s instruction manual, set the sim card to be ready to send data.
  5. Depending on the manufacturer of the device the use of GPS vehicle tracking system will differ.
  6. Install the vehicle tracking software on your desktop or laptop.
  7. Kindly make sure that you have GSM modem to enable you to link your computer to the device in the car.

With the increasing popularity and advancement of technology these tracking systems will soon be affordable to many people.

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