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Track lighting installing guide

track lighting

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Track lighting is a wonderful way to focus on a piece of artwork attached to a single ceiling light. These types of decor lighting adjustments can be done in the drawing room, kitchen, reading room and in other places of your house. Three types of track lighting universally used-“H”, “J”, and “L”. To identify them with their appearance is not difficult. If you see the fixture has 3 contacts, then it will be termed as H type decor lighting. Likewise, when it is one inch apart, it is called J type and when it is 7/8 inch apart, the track will be called L type. With the help of digitally controlled interfaces, now most of the track lighting systems work on single lives.

Most of the modern track lighting systems come with low voltage structures measured around 10 or 24 volts, but they look good when illuminated. Here the fixture is fastened onto a metal track, with an attached transformer to convert the high voltage into low voltage. In different setups, the track lighting fittings can be different. Below is a description of some tips and tactics about how to instaltrack lighting at home with fewer efforts-

Putting in place the mounting plate

The installation of the plug-in track lighting will require a screwdriver and a drill.

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For this, you first cut off the power at the circuit. Use wire connectors to intertwine the house wires to the plate leads. Now fix the ground wire to the plate and the metal box by some simple pushing work. Push the wires against the metal box and adjust the plate to the box with a screwdriver.

Measuring the structures of the track lighting 

Check the measurements of the mounting plate. See at what distance the decor lighting track is adjusted to the nearest wall.

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If necessary mark the ceiling to get a proportionate idea of how to fit the decor lighting track in a parallel manner to the wall. Draw lines if you see the decor lighting track is bending towards a corner.

Fixing the decor lighting track to the mounting plate

Now get a helper tool to hold the decor lighting track in centre against the mounting plate. Use a screwdriver to put it just in place.

Fasten the decor lighting track

Use devices like a stud finder to check where the metal beam is located. Use a screwdriver to check all the available metal beams. When you discover there is no beam, use a drilling machine to create holes and insert plastic wall anchors.

Inserting the live end connector

Adjust the live end connector and twist it in a 90-degree direction until you see it is fallen in place.

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Make sure the connector’s two copper tabs will come on a parallel level with the two copper bars located inside the decor lighting track. Separate the plastic canopy over the track and the plate.

Attaching a corner

Get a 90-degree connector and move it smoothly into the decor lighting track, which is already in place, again move the next track over the connector and fix that to the ceiling. You should cover all the track ends with caps for safety.

Restoring power to check the track lighting 

The final step is to switch on the power. Twirl the lights so that they can give the best effects.

Diwali is around the corner and these simple tips about how to install track lighting will help you to adorn your space. We suggest you some quality track lighting products to enjoy the benefit, to see it click here right below-

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