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6 really easy tips to save energy at home! And money of course!

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Energy Saving in India Infographic

Saving energy is a win- win situation for everyone. The more you save energy, the more you cut on the utility bills and more you help the environment. But it does require some efforts from your side. Here are 6 easy tips to save energy at home:

  1. Unplug the electronic appliances completely when not in use 
    The energy an electronic device consumes when it is not in use is called “Phantom Load”.  According to R S Hiremath, an expert on renewable source of energy, in any average home, if the electronics are not switched off from the mains, this accounts for at least 100 watts/hr. of electricity. So reduce your bills by reducing the Phantom load.
  2. Use energy efficient appliances 
    If you are shopping for new home appliances, make sure to look for star label appliances. The star labeled items are more energy efficient and consume around 20-50% less energy than the conventional ones.
  3. Say YES to CFLs 
    Switch to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs. CFL is highly energy efficient. It uses around 50-70% less energy than the normal incandescent bulbs and even lasts longer
  4. Start using LED lamps 
    LEDs will reduce the power consumption by 50%. Normal lamps that we use in our homes use around 125-500W of energy. But LED lamps will reduce this value by 50%.
  5. Use Smart Time Switches with ACs 
    Try not use your ACs for longer hours. Use time Switches along with the AC. Time switches are smart switches that have in built electronic timer that can turn an electronic circuit on and off at certain time. They cost between Rs1000-Rs 3000, depending upon the features.It takes around 20 min for an AC to cool the room. And that temperature can be maintained for 30-40 mins if the room is airtight. So when you sleeping at night, the smart time switch will keep your AC on for 20 mins for the room to cool and then switch it off for the next 40 min before turning it on for the next cycle. This way you will not have to wake up in the middle of your sleep to turn on-off the AC. But most importantly you will save  lot on electricity.
  6. Switch to Solar energy 
    Start using solar energy. For example one solar water heater can save up to 4 units of electricity. Solar light are also very effective means to reduce power consumption.

These are few easy tips to save energy. But if everyone follows them devotedly, think of the massive amount of energy that will be saved. This way, our small efforts will be enormously beneficial for our environment.

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