Domestic pest control in India

pest control

Domestic pest control doesn’t require a separate visit by the technician for inspection. Inspection actually happens on the same day as the application process and generally takes a whole day to complete the entire process. The reasons for this are:
• Smaller area
• Easier action plan
• In maximum cases, the premises isn’t as infected as a commercial area

Inspection and application

domestic pest control inspection
Firstly, the risk assessment/inspection takes into account the nature of the treatment as well as the presence of young children, pets and elderly people.

domestic pest control application
Not all surfaces can be treated by all chemical and herbal means. The process depends upon the usage patterns and the instructions on product labels, thereby avoiding damage to furniture, bedding etc. Extra care is taken around electrical equipment and the use of water-based chemicals and steam is avoided in these areas.
The type of formulation and type of chemical for the treatment will depend upon the area of application. For example, dust form is used in areas where electrical equipment and wall voids while liquid meds can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

After the treating the domestic property:

Following the treatment, please undertake the following precautions:
• Occupants are advised not to enter the treated area until the chemicals have dried completely. Manufacturer’s instructions are followed where any re-entry period is mentioned
• The owner is encouraged not to vacuum the treated floor and upholstered furniture for at least 10-14 days
• Ideally, in case of bedbugs, the room should remain vacant until the technician declares the area free of bedbugs in a follow-up visit

Completion of domestic pest control:

When there are no further signs of infestation/activity are visible, all accessible baits are removed and the left over chemicals are taken from the premises and returned by the technician for proper disposal.

If no traces of pests are found

If there is no evidence of any infestation and the owner is insisting that pest is present, then the technician strategically lays down non-toxic baits/sprays the necessary meds where the pests might hide or from where they might enter. Owners are shown the locations of the non-toxic baits and advised that children and pets are not allowed access to the baits.

Frequency for domestic pest control

Frequency of pest control treatment depends on the location of your house and the pest density. If your home is affected by common pests such as cockroaches, silverfish or bedbugs, a quarterly service must be adequate to keep them away. Generally, it is suggested to get pest control done once every 6 months. Shorter or longer periods may be recommended, according to precise situations and areas.

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