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Most common basement problems to look out for

basement problems

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Basement is one of the most important parts of the house but often the most overlooked. Basement forms the foundation of the home but often there are many small and big issues that can be noticed.  It is important to keep it in top condition since if the foundation doesn’t remain fine, the entire house may be at risk too. There are some common basement problems that one must look out for and they are given as follows:

1.Pest problems

The first common basement problem is pest invasion. Basement is usually damp, has no air inlet or outlet and not cleaned on a regular basis. This is why it is easy for various types of pests to invade it. Thus you must make it a point to check your basement often for pest invasion.  Check the walls, the cabinets, the floor and even the ceiling.  Some signs include wood shavings, piles of transparent wings and others.

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2.Water damage

Water damage is one of the most common basement problems and a serious one.  Check for water stains, damaging wooden parts and try to notice a strange water damage smell. If you notice any signs, then make sure you get the problem resolved by calling a professional. Try to find the cause and origin of the water damage and if possible, get the basement waterproofed.

3. Electrical wiring codes

Another problem that is often found in basements is electrical wiring codes gone wrong.  Check all the switches in the basement on a regular basis and see to it that they are working. Call an electrician and get the wiring checked. Poor electrical wiring can prove to be a fire hazard. The breaker box must not be overloaded and high voltage supplies must be on separate breakers. The fuses too must be upto date.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4.Low ceiling

In most basements, the ceiling height is very low and this is a cause of concern too.  The ceiling should be atleast 7 feet tall after finish. If the height is not upto the mark then the room will not feel comfortable and you will always find excuses not to go in. This will further cause greater problems in the future. Thus at the time of planning, keep the height sufficiently high.

5.Out of date plumbing

Another common basement problem to look for is out of date plumbing. Plumbing should be examined on a regular basis to ensure that it is properly placed and upto date.  If you find any rusting or plumbing that doesn’t seem fine, then you can call a plumber and get repairs and corrections come immediately.

Now that you know about the most common basement problems to look out for, you can easily ensure that your basement is in proper condition or not. Basements are often overlooked but prove to be very useful for most of us. Thus we must take proper care of them at all times.

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