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how to apply distemper paint
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Distemper paints are a polished version of whitewash, widely applied in the interior surfaces, commonly at home or office. Distemper paint has an aesthetic quality and enhances the beauty of walls. Also known as soft size paint, typically made from chalk powder or lime, it releases a charming effect on walls. It is used to achieve supreme softness like velvet. Being a water based paint, it is applied in the same manner the way we apply whitewash. The only difference is that it offers a superior quality finish compared to normal whitewash. The distemper paint that is found on the market contains all the necessary instructions about its application procedure. To see a good result of your effort, always go through them once. Below are some useful instructions about how to apply distemper paint to beautify your space.

Preparation of Surface before applying distemper paint

Wait for at least 24 days to paint a newly plastered wall. This is a standard recommendation from the manufacturers about the recovery time of a masonry.

You must let your moisture to dry completely for as many as 3 to 6 months duration especially if you live in a humid region.

Get a wire brush or pointed knife to remove the dust particles that get deposited on the surface

Later take a dry cloth and wipe off the entire surface

Repair the holes and cracks by applying the putty and leave them to become tight.

Preparation of Surface before applying distemper paint

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How to apply putty

One coat of primer is recommended before you apply putty while painting. Let it dry for the whole night. First apply it in a vertical manner, from bottom to top by using a putty tool. It is important to keep it dry for a duration of 6 to 8 long hours.

Rubbing of the surface aftermath is necessary to remove the loose particles or objects.

Thereafter apply the second coat of putty and again let it dry for 8 to 12 hours. The same process should be repeated, rubbing of the surface to remove the unevenness with sandpaper and get a glittering surface.

The recommended thickness of the coat should be maximum 1.5 mm. Otherwise, if it gets thicker, it will develop cracks.

Drying time always depend on the local climate conditions which may vary from region to region.

If you really want to know how to apply putty effectively, follow these steps.

How to apply putty

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Next, comes the application of primer

Once the application of putty finishes, a priming coat is applied to develop a good adhesion between distemper paint and the surface. This ensures a better finish.

The priming work should be performed in the same manner as the putty. After applying the first coat you must allow it to dry. Then after the second coat as well, it should be left to dry for 8 to 12 long hours.

Next, comes the application of primer

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The mains stage of application of distemper paint

At first, dilute it in a ratio as per suggested by the manufacturer

When you finished priming, apply a coat of distemper paint with a brush or roller, as per your preference.

This should also be left to dry for 12 to 16 hours. After that apply the second coat and leave it for the night.

The mains stage of application of distemper paint

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Things to be careful about

Do not let splashes fall in the doors, floors, electrical items. Cover them properly when the painting work is going on. When the distemper paint work will be finished, prevent the surface from touching any dirty materials.

Whether it is an old wall or new wall, till it reflects an even color, you should apply two or more coats of distemper paint.

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