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Common woodworking tools for a beginner

Common Woodworking tools

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In the field of woodworking, some common tools are in use worldwide. Such primary woodworking tools help you to resolve any woodworking project at hand. Whether you want to try your hand in woodworking to create something on your own, not out of any urgency but out of passion, or to kill your time in the weekends instead of attending parties, these Common Woodworking tools help you to perform any creative work at home.

A wooden workbench

This is one of the basic woodworking tools you will find in every traditional woodworker’s place. If you do not have enough budget for the construction of your wood and make it ready for use, then buying or developing a Wooden Workbench is the first thing you should do. Choose to buy a strong, long lasting bench to perform the cutting and other essential steps required in the process.

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They are one of the common tools found in every woodworker’s workshop; a maximum use is indicated and therefore you should not compromise with the quality of this product. These woodworking tools come as bench chisels which last lifelong, and widely used in any wooden project. Buy a lighter wooden handle chisel made in stainless steel if you expect excellent result in your woodwork. You should keep handy a set of 5 to 6 of these common tools, and they will always help you to perform any woodwork effortlessly.

Block Planes

Whenever you got to a woodworker’s workshop, you will see these common tools, a kind of small plane used to cut down the joints of wood and other works. Get a low angle block plane and enjoy advantage cutting the most difficult of grain with ease. Go for a quality and branded block plane with good features.

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These woodworking tools are also called panel saws, a long and slim saw that comes with a smooth wooden handle. They are used in the proper dimensioning of the timer wood. They are slightly different from the hand saws and come with two types of configurations, rip cut and cross cut, both are needed to cut your wood to make it ready. They are affordable, yet you must check their brands and models before buying to get the best of products. To renovate and sharpen your wood, these common tools help you a lot.


Backsaws are woodworking tools, used in polishing of the wood, they are used to bring accuracy in the wooden joints. They are slim and made from metal with a strong back, steel or brass plated.

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The first backsaws you should buy would be that of a dovetail saw. It comes with both a sharp rip teeth ideal for cutting joints and a carcass saw for cutting across the grain. Another tenon saw it possess which is used to carry out deeper cuts. People often get confused while going to buy this type of common tools in the field of woodworking because they have no definite names separately for each of the types. Just consider buying these woodworking tools depending on the nature of your work and if possible consult with experts.

Coping saw

They are woodworking tools used regularly for the rough cutting of your board, most commonly used in separating waste from the wooden joints. They are very affordable woodworking tools and work well as long as you possess replacement blades.

A Jack Handplane

It is a medium sized bench plane widely used in straightening and smoothening of wood.

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It can be an alternative of other planes that are used to accomplish different functions for the polishing of wood. It can cut down your cost of keeping too many other tools necessary to make your piece of work. These are some of the common tools to start your woodwork. Prefer a sharp low angle plane if you are a beginner in the field who are not used to handle a hand plane.


Never buy cheap quality common tools to reform your woodwork, as ultimately you will need to replace it in the hope of accuracy of the result and it will add to your cost instead of minimizing it.

You must acquire these Common Woodworking tools and keep them ready at home to be used when necessary.

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