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7 simple ways to maximize natural light in your home

There are many benefits of bringing natural light in home. Firstly it saves energy and thus lowers the electricity bills. Secondly it brightens up the room and brings out the beauty of the home. And most importantly it boosts the mood. Try out these 6 simple ways to maximize natural light in your home:

Go for light color palette on walls

Light and white colors reflects natural light better than dark colors. Dark colors absorb most of the light falling on them and make a room look smaller in size. So paint wall in light shades like white, off-white, cream and other cool tones. For ceiling use reflective and metallic finish paints to increase light reflection. (Picture Source:

Clean your dust coated windows

The layer of dust that gets accumulated on the glass windows stops natural light from entering the room. This makes your room look dark and dingy. Clean your window glass and see the difference in the amount of light and brightness in your room.

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Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors reflect rather than absorb light. So hang a large mirror on a wall opposite to a window. This will double the amount of light streaming in the room. You can also add several decorative mirrors on the wall of the darker corners of the room. This will lighten up your gloomy room. (Picture Source:

Choose correct fabric for drapes and upholstery

Heavy fabrics like velvet, absorb more light which can weigh a room down, while lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton lighten up the room. Choose cool and light fabric for your drapes and upholstery and evoke summer days in your home. (Picture Source:

Remove obstacles (both interior and exterior)

Place and align the items and furniture in such a way that they do not restrict the natural light from entering the room. Remove the exterior obstacles like trim the hedges and tress that may be blocking the window and preventing natural light from entering the room. (Picture Source:

Keep windowsills clutter free

If you want natural light to enter your room, then keep the windowsills free from obstacles. You can also fix a light reflector on the windowsill. This will increase the amount of sunlight entering your room. But be a little careful while you are around that window so that you do not break the reflector or hurt yourself.(Picture Source:

Go for semi-glass or opaque doors rather than solid wood

To maximize natural light in your home replace a solid wood door with an opaque glass door. This will let more natural light in your room. (Picture Source:

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