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6 Tips for Successful Home Security Camera Installation

Tips for Successful Home Security Camera Installation02

Every home must be protected well because it is the place where one should feel safe. Now anyone can make their house secure with the help of new technology. There are modern ways to make a home secure from different types of threats. For instance, new security alarm systems can deter any burglars or housebreakers.

However, we are going to discuss security cameras which can be installed at your house. These security cameras allow you to observe activities inside or outside of your house. If you are not home, you can monitor the CCTV footage with a smartphone. There are several companies which can help you install surveillance cameras at your place. Therefore, you need a professional security camera installation at your house since professionals know their job very well.

There are some tips that you should keep in your mind which can help you in successful home security camera installation.

Hire Professionals for installation

This is a very first and essential tip for successful home security cameras installation. There are a lot of “DIY” videos on YouTube which are preaching that one should install security cameras all by themselves. However, most people don’t realize that every house is built differently, and there is not only one rule for installing these security cameras. Some people successfully install these cameras, but with time they start to realize that they have done a poor job doing it.

There are several things that only a professional knows since they install these surveillance cameras every day. They come across different types of houses, and they handle every situation distinctly. The security of your home is essential for you and you cannot risk it. Therefore, you should go to a professional security camera installation individual. It will not only save your time, but it will also let you know about the equipment more.

Optimize Camera Placement

If a security camera is not placed in the right place, then you will lose the vision. How could you catch a burglar if you can’t even see their face on the footage? We have seen that some people place their camera too low or too high. Moreover, you should also look for the right place as well. For instance, if you are putting it at some corner of the house, then you won’t see the yard correctly. Installing a security camera and you can’t see the bad guy; this is not what you want. It will be wastage of your money if you can’t access all the places with your security cameras.

Moreover, you should also lookout for the sun glare as well. If you have placed the camera where sunlight hits it, then you will not be able to see because of the glare. And this could be a flaw in your security system.

Protect the Camera

Protecting the surveillance camera is very necessary. If it is easily damaged, then you won’t be able to protect the place. The best option is to hide the camera. If you are installing it above your front door, then you can cover it with some decorations. In this way, no one will be able to notice a security camera. However, there are some package thieves as well, which don’t break into your house, but they can steal a package which is left on your door. Camera at a right angle on the front door will allow you to see the faces of the package thieves.

Moreover, you should always place the camera eight to ten feet above the ground so no one can hit or smash it. It will save you money since you cannot buy expensive equipment every month. One thing more about protecting the security camera is that you should secure it from rain. Rain could damage the equipment because every camera is not water-proof. However, there are some companies which are offering water-proof cameras, and you can give them a try as well. Protection of the camera must be kept in mind since it is looking out for your family, literally!

Test before install

A mistake some people make is that they don’t check or test the equipment before installing it. You should install a camera temporarily with some tape and then monitor the footage. You will be able to see if this camera is covering the desired place. There are different types of security cameras which are used for various purposes. For instance, a bullet security camera is ideal for alleys and parking lots. On the other hand, dome security camera gives you a wide-angle so you could see the whole backyard easily.

Testing before installation is necessary, and you should keep this in your mind. If you test after the installation, then you will find out that the camera is not suitable for the place or you have placed it at the wrong angle.

Don’t buy cheap systems

It is a misconception that all security cameras are the same and it doesn’t matter if the camera is cheap or expensive. One shouldn’t say such things because we have seen some people who bought affordable security systems from online retailers and they regretted it.

It has been observed that you cannot monitor live footage efficiently. Cheap cameras are worse for seeing live footage. In contrast, you should invest in expensive cameras which are made by well-known companies. Money is not more important than your family, and you can spend some bills on your home security.

Have a UPS backup

There are some instances where burglars cut the power and then looted the place. Since a device cannot work without power and reducing the power seems like an excellent idea for housebreakers. But you can have ups backup for your whole surveillance system. Some burglars are smart, but they cannot outsmart you, right!

Whenever you are installing CCTV systems, ask the professionals to connect simple mono ups to the cameras. This tip is essential, and you should keep in your mind.

These are the tips for successful home security camera installation and keeping these tips in your mind can make your security system more efficient.

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