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5 Property Photography Best Practices for 2023

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Real estate photography is all about selling emotions. House listings with warm and welcoming photos intrigue potential buyers’ interest and offer an experience of a place that could be their future home. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the industry, certain photography practices are essential to take excellent photos and attracting potential buyers faster.

From luxury condos and beachfront villas to cozy cabins and suburban family homes, here are five key property photography tips for capturing beautiful shots of any home.

5 Ways to Take Outstanding Property Photos

Source: Unsplash

Find the Best Time for Shooting

The sunlight is the perfect light source to capture photos with a warm and soft tone. This provides photos with a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. The best time to take photos is generally between mid-afternoon. The harsh sunlight fades after 2 pm, and the sun is lower, allowing the light to shine through the windows and highlight the house perfectly.

Remember that natural light changes throughout the day, so pay attention to the timing and adjust your settings accordingly.

Don’t forget that if you shoot on a cloudy day, the perfect alternative is to use portable light sources such as lamps, umbrellas, and flashes.

Prepare a Shot List

Having a defined shot list helps ensure you capture all the important details and angles of the property. Here are some key shots to include in your list: 

Exterior shots: These shots give viewers the best sense of the home’s size and style. Focus on noteworthy features such as decks and porches, landscaping, walkways, or other architectural elements that make the property stand out. You should also invest in a drone to take aerial pictures.

Interior shots: Wide shots are a must-have as a featured image of each room. Wide shots are best captured by standing in the corner of a room. That way, you can capture the maximum space within a frame. Remember to focus on details too. Capture details like arches, pillars, designed walls, etc.

Amenities: If the home has unique amenities like a pool, gym, fireplace, or hot tub, add them to your shot list. They will help potential buyers envision the home and the lifestyle they could have if they purchase it. 

Find a Home Stager

Finding the right home stager can be a great way to take your property photos to the next level. Home staging is all about making the house look attractive by adding props and arranging the setting in a photogenic way.

A good home stager will set up each room for photography by arranging the furniture and adding props like lamps, artwork, candlestands, etc. This adds depth to the photos and helps the viewers imagine the lifestyle they could have.

Take Photos Showcasing the Area’s Best Features

If you’re lucky enough to be shooting a property in an area with beautiful scenery or local attractions, take advantage of it. Showcasing the surrounding area can be a great way to draw attention to your listing. 

For interior spaces like the living room, you can focus on interesting features like a fireplace or built-in shelving.

The best way to identify the area’s best feature is to imagine yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what would attract you the most about the property, and go on from there.

Always Edit

Once you have your photos, editing them for maximum impact is important. A key area needing editing in property photos is the highlights and shadows. Adjust them enough so there is no spot too dark or bright.

If there are unwanted elements in the background, you can use a background removal tool to ensure that the focus is entirely on the property, giving it a more professional and polished look. Color temperature and cropping are other tools you can use while editing.

Key Takeaways

Outstanding property photos can make a huge difference in the success of its listing. Using these tips, you can ensure your property photos are up to the mark.

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