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4 Common Types of Washing Machines Available Online in India

The Indian home appliance market has been flooded with lots of washing machine types. In addition, you have a much convenient option to rent washing machine online that makes things even easier for housewives. You could choose anything from a top-load washing machine to a front-load washing machine and semi-automatic to fully-automatic. 

Looking to bring home one that takes good care of your washing needs? Here’s a list of washing machines that are available online in India:

As the name says, this type of washing machine requires manual efforts to complete a washing cycle. These are partially automatic washing machines that help you with washing but equally requires your input to work. For instance, you need to fill the water manually into the machine before turning on its wash mode. 

Similarly, you need to put the clothes manually into the dryer after the washing process gets completed. Since these are cheaper to rent than full-automatic machines, they might be of your interest. Some of the washing machines you could explore in this segment are LG P8541R3SA, Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S, Whirlpool ACE 8.0 TURBO DRY, Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL and so on.

If you keep comfort above everything else, then fully-automatic washing machines are certainly the right type you should look for. Fully-automated in functions, from filling the tub with water to washing clothes and then drying them up, they handle your household chores better than anything else. You could perform all the functions at the touch of a button. Isn’t that comfort worth having? Some of the top models you could look for include LG T7281NDDLGD, Bosch WAB16060IN, Panasonic NA-F62B3HRB and so on.

This type of washing machine loads from the front side. A front-load washing machine is always the fully-automatic washing machines that are designed to take care of your laundry by consuming less water and energy compared to the other washing machines types. Some of the top front-load washing machines you would like to invest in are IFB Senator Aqua SX, Bosch WAT2446IN, Samsung WW65M206LOW/TL and so on.

Looking for a washing machine that consumes less space than front-load machines? Top-load machines are a perfect match for you to handle your daily household needs. They come in semi-automatic as well as fully-automatic washing models. Some of the popular top-load washing machines you could consider are Haier HWM58-020, Panasonic F62B5HRB, IFB TL-RCG and so on.

The Key Takeaway

Renting a washing machine or fridge for rent in Chennai is almost a nearly similar activity as in both cases, you have to focus a lot on getting the latest features that make your life easier. At every step, you have to make sure that the product you are going to choose will serve you the much-needed convenience you expect from a quality home appliance. The washing machine options listed here come handy to make the search for a perfect washing machine easier for you. Put the list to use to invest in a washing machine model that could serve you for years to come.

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