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12 Tips to Overcome the Heat in Tight Spaces

Hot weather is perceived differently by different people. Someone feels good, and someone feels uncomfortable. The heat makes it hard to work normally, sleep, and think. Air conditioning can help, but there are other options on how to cool down a room.

12 Tips to Beat the Heat 

1. Open windows and doors at night

The air outside is colder at night than during the day. If you don’t close the window, the cool breeze will lower the temperature. You can also open doors into the rooms to create air circulation.

2. Close the curtains during the day

Thick dark curtains prevent the sun from heating the room on a hot sunny day. This is especially true if your windows are on the sunny side of the building.

3. Choose a low place to sleep

Hot air rises, and below the temperature is always lower. This is the law of physics. You can remove the mattress from the bed and place it on the floor to keep it cool.

4. Take a cold or contrast shower

Showering with alternating hot and cold water will help you adapt to temperature changes. After a hot shower, the temperature of the air in the room feels lower.

5. Drink plenty of cold water

It is very important not to drink ice water at the same time; otherwise, there is a risk of catching a cold. Lightly chilled water or green tea is good for the heat.

6. Buy cooling bedding

Lightweight mattresses, sheets, and pillows are breathable. The body does not heat up that much.

7. Cool down pulse points

An ice pack or cold, wet towel over your pulse points is a good way to cool your entire body. As with cold water, it’s important not to overdo it.

Each of these ways to chill the air in a small area is not ideal. Many of them are very simple and economical, but they do not completely solve the heat problem. Sheets dry out quickly, the effect of a contrast shower wears off, and open windows and doors do not always help.

Why Not Just Buy an AC?

First, air conditioning is expensive. Secondly, it consumes a lot of electricity. Thirdly, it takes up a lot of space, which can be critical for a small space. If your country has only two or three hot weeks a year, then there is no point in an AC.

In addition, the flow of air from the aircon often causes colds. Not all models filter the air well, dust can accumulate in them, and this will lead to allergies. And one more thing, air conditioners without a humidification function dry the air.

Noise pollution is one more disadvantage of AC and climate systems. They interfere with sleep at night and create background noise during the day. Even the most modern models have this disadvantage. Constant noise can negatively affect mental health.

The last nuance is that the AC needs systematic maintenance. Filters need to be cleaned and changed; for this, you need to call a specialist, which also costs a lot of funds.

Any Alternatives?

If the air conditioner is not suitable for you for some reason, because of the price or complexity of installation or maintenance, then there are other options. For example, a bucket with ice, a wet sheet and towel, and the other methods described above will help to cool the air in a small room.

Don’t like the alternative ways? Does the electric fan help? Then evaporative coolers are your choice. They work according to a special technology and do an excellent job eliminating the heat in a small room.

Evapolar is a personal evaporative cooler that is:

3-in-1. Such devices not only cool the air but also humidify and purify. A cooler will not be a full-fledged replacement for a humidifier, but, unlike an AC, the filtered air will not be so dry. It’s a good option for those who suffer from dry air.

Efficiency at close range. The cooler will not cool a large room, but it will provide a comfortable temperature in your personal area up to 33 square feet or 4 square meters. Due to its small size and weight, the cooler can be placed on a work table, near the bed, or in the kitchen. Moreover, such devices can be charged not only from an outlet but also from a laptop or a power bank, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Eco-friendly. Evapolar does not use Freon, which means the cooler is eco-friendly. Filters made of nonorganic fibers are used to cool the air. They are easy to clean and free from bacteria and mold.

Energy efficient. You will be surprised how much less your electricity bills are when you start using Evapolar for chilling your air.

The efficiency of Evapolar coolers has been confirmed by many real buyers. They are good for small areas, camper vans, and tents. Using Evapolar is very easy. You just need to fill the water tank and press the button. The control is very simple; some models can be synchronized with a smartphone or integrated into smart home systems. And the LED backlight will allow you to use the device as a night lamp.

If you need a personal flow of cooled air but don’t want to install an AC or fan, then Evapolar is the perfect solution. Plus, it will save you money.

Wrap Up

There are many ways to chill the air in a small area in the summer. There are very simple but not very effective solutions; also, you can install an expensive AC. But, you can use the Evapolar and get fresh air on hot summer days.


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